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Bleach Chapter 558 – Sajin’s Penance

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Bleach chapter 558 - Sajin Komamura

The descent into becoming the “voiceless beast”

I did not see that coming, for Sajin’s human metamorphosis to break and for him to turn into an actual wolf. Was it really Sajin’s pursuit of vengeance which caused this outcome? Did such feelings react to the curse his clan was under and subsequently take his humanity as penance for the curse? What exactly is the history behind Sajin’s clan and what will become of him now?

It was quite interesting to find out that Bambietta’s “explosions” could be forced back into her body before they exploded which was how she was taken out and injured so badly. She is still alive but hanging on by the thinnest of threads. Her subordinates have arrived but why does them wanting to “take care” of her scare Bambietta out so much? What exactly are those four planning to do with Bambietta? What an unnerving feeling coursing through my body now…

Bleach chapter 558 - Bambietta's fear

What an ominous scene…

Sajin’s great grandfather, why does he seem so interested and proud of Sajin all of a sudden now? And why did he lick and seemingly eat Sajin’s heart? To me it seems like he wanted Sajin to pull out his heart and leave it with him. The fact that the great grandfather is in animal form means that he at one point also pulled out his own heart and performed the human metamorphosis technique. The conviction with which the great grandfather expresses how the driving force behind their clan is vengeance makes me wonder if he hadn’t found himself in Sajin’s position before. Did another elder wolf eat the great grandfather’s heart and cause him to become ‘nothing but a savage beast whose only desire was to quench their revenge’? The fact that Sajin’s great grandfather is so thankful and grateful for Sajin’s acts supports the fact that he wanted Sajin’s heart all along. Would consuming Sajin’s heart allow the great grandfather to revert back to his wolf-like form? Or human form? And does this mean that Sajin is now in the position his great grandfather was in? Do all members of the clan who perform the human metamorphosis technique end up like this; being tricked and then being driven and consumed by vengeance once realising they were tricked? The way the great grandfather spoke makes me believe this is the case especially when he stated that there will come a day when Sajin will curse and rage at the clan and effectively be consumed by his vengeance. Is this why the clan members in such a position become “voiceless beasts” because they get lost in their vengeance?

There definitely is some deeper meaning behind the great grandfather’s actions. Does his actions represent why the clan ended up cursed in the first place? It is going to be interesting to see if Kubo-sensei decides to flesh out the werewolf clans story more and whether he plans to develop Sajin more. I hope he does though because Sajin’s story and circumstance have become quite interesting.

Last page shocker, Renji and Rukia are almost back in Soul Society! Rukia’s bankai reveal is way overdue, lets hope Kubo-sensei has something good planned for Rukia and Renji!

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