One Piece Chapter 727 – Doflamingo’s Trap

One Piece chapter 727 - Doflamingo's plan


Wow, what an intense chapter that shockingly illustrated just how cruel and evil Doflamingo can be. I knew Doflamingo was twisted, but this chapter opened my eyes to a whole new level of twistedness Doflamingo has. To destroy such a beautiful thing as the trust a whole country has for their leader, their king, does Doflamingo have no heart? I was expecting Doflamingo to have gained some sort of insight in humanity and what is wrong after having grown up with the Tenryuubito but I guess my optimistic assumption was just too optimistic. Even compared to what we’ve seen from the Tenryuubito, Doflamingo takes the cake, the layers of cruelty he has displayed this chapter were piercing. What exactly happened to Doflamingo in the past to dictate his actions now?

Sad that the Colosseum spectators are continuing to trash on Rebecca and demand for blood…the citizens of Dressrosa really have changed from the ones present when the Riku family were governing. But I am glad that Rebecca is holding her own in the battle, hoping to ends up as the victor in D block.

Monet…my goodness, what a sweet sweet name to hear. I was expecting never to see that name pop up again in the manga, but I’m still holding onto the belief that she is still alive! So Monet was working in the Palace of Dressrosa ten years ago? What a surprise. How old is Monet anyway? I was under the impressive that she was in her mid to latter 20’s during the Punk Hazard arc, there is no proof that back assumption but given by how young she looked during the Punk Hazard arc, she must be young or have some aging secret. Anyway tens ago is quite some time and if Monet were in her 20’s during the Punk Hazard arc, she would be quite young ten years ago. Anyway it is interesting to find out that she was there before the incident with Dressrosa happened. Was she Doflamingo’s inside woman who helped him come up with the plan to destroy all the trust the Riku family had built up with the citizens over 800 years? I hope not, I don’t believe Monet to be that evil. Sure Monet may have done evil things before like giving drugs to children which she knew would kill them in five years, but I believe that sadistic side of her personality has something to do with her upbringing and relationship to Doflamingo.

She is probably connected to Doflamingo from back in the past and most likely knew him before he changed into the man he is today. That smile she struck and the comment she made about Doflamingo becoming the Pirate King when she prepared herself to take out the whole Punk Hazard Island with Caesar’s weapon has me incredibly confused about Monet’s character. That smile was so genuine and heart-felt that I refuse to believe Monet is the evil person she is being made out to be at the moment. Doflamingo probably had a gentler side to him in the past and Monet most likely was associated with him at that point in time, a time when Doflamingo wanted to be Pirate King. In order to continue being with Doflamingo, Monet changed along with him and molded herself and her personality to match the needs Doflamingo had for her. The love, respect and loyalty she had for Doflamingo was immense as illustrate by her decision to die for him. I hope we get to find out the true nature of the relationship Monet had with Doflamingo.

One Piece chapter 727 - King Riku's beliefs

A King who values the humanity of his people, no wonder no wars erupted during the past 800 years

I can’t blame King Riku for what he chose to do, he wanted to uphold the humanity of the Dressrosa Kingdom and the 800 years which preceded without a war or spilling of blood over petty disputes. Doflamingo used that against King Riku and pushed him so far into the corner that all he could do was something completely insane to get the required funds to “purchase” Dressrosa from the Donquixote Family. Everything  spiraled out of control in such a manipulative fashion into something so dark and tragic from then on. Doflamingo manipulated King Riku’s body and the soldiers to make it appear as if King Riku and the Riku Family went mad and started killing Dressrosa’s beloved citizens. The citizens put all their trust in King Riku and gave all the assets they had to the kingdom and in the end they were rewarded with the King and the army going berserk on them. Ah it was hard to watch such a gracious and benevolent King forced to kill his beloved people.

Why did Doflamingo do it? Was he traumatised by the Tenryuubito so much that he believed they illustrated human’s true nature and anything to the contrary was just a lie and facade? Did Doflamingo so badly wanted to stop the cruelty he was exposed to in Mariejois that he purposefully created a situation in which he could be a hero to the people? Did he force Dressrosa into such a hellish situation just so he could make himself feel like a hero? I wonder what happened in Doflamingo’s past and what the Tenryuubito society is like.

One Piece chapter 727 - The fall of Dressrosa

Doflamingo plunging Dressrosa into chaos and suffering

Anyway Luffy ain’t leaving anytime soon, just like with Crocodile and Hody, he has the business of kicking Doflamingo’s ass out of the country still to do. I’m looking forward to seeing how Dressrosa can be saved from the despair it has been plunged into and how the trust and reputation of the Riku Family can be restored. Also I’m interested to see what happens with Rebecca and Violet.

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