Fairy Tail Chapter 359 – When You Corner A Fairy

Fairy Tail chapter 359 - Natsu vs Jackal - colour by EspadaZero (http://espadazero.deviantart.com)

Natsu just said it all, it is time for Tartarus to find out just how fearsome fairies really are – colour by EspadaZero

Really now Tartarus, going against Fairy Tail when they have no clue as to who exactly Fairy Tail are, underestimating is an understatement. I’m surprised Tartarus has so much to say about humanity when they barely have an understanding of what humanity is, the fact that they are oblivious to the workings of the current world signifies that quite boldly. Still why exactly are they after the Magic Council members? A tease at a hint was given this chapter but nothing substantial yet – “fas”-something, I am curious! Also the fact that Tartarus members can be resurrected is quite the powerful ability, I wonder how Fairy Tail will deal with that.

Minerva, this is what I feared, Kyouka using her ability to transform Minerva into a demon…ah I like Minerva’s character design as it is, so I am left anxious wondering how Minerva will look after her transformation =(. Hopefully the demonic traits she will acquire physically won’t change much of her current design, but whatever happens I’ll put my faith in Mashima-sensei and hope =P. It is highly likely that Minerva’s psychology is also being rewritten with her demon metamorphosis, which is totally not good as this will leave Minerva even more confused and lost then she was before. Hopefully Minerva’s hatred for Fairy Tail, which she displayed this chapter quite forcefully, and her hatred for Erza will empower her to retain her core personality and identity and overcome the “demon” aspect of her currently working its way inside her being.

Fairy Tail chapter 359 - Minerva's demon metamorphosis

Minerva’s demon metamorphosis, what exactly will happen to her? I am concerned…

I really do believe Minerva is a good girl at her core and the only reason she is acting so cold and ruthless is because that is the way she was brought up and this is the only way she knows how to see the world in. I’ll believe in Erza and put my faith in her hoping that she will be able to pierce the veil of darkness blinding Minerva’s eyes to the truth that she is refusing to see. Anyway I am curious to see how much power Minerva will acquire from this demon metamorphosis and whether she will acquire some form of powerful magic like what Doriarte had. Hopefully Minerva will be too much for Tartarus to control and manipulate.

Fairy Tail chapter 359 - Minerva's hatred for Fairy Tail

Hopefully her hate for Fairy Tail will allow her to retain her identity as “Minerva Orlando”

With Fairy Tail aware of what Tartarus is after, I’m glad they dispatched teams to guard the four former members of the Magic Council they did know about. Rather then Fairy Tail searching for Tartarus, they will just wait for Tartarus at their objectives – the former Magic Council members. So with Natsu, Lucy and Wendy as one team guarding Mikero, I wonder where Gray and Erza went? I doubt Fairy Tail are aware of Jellal and Ultear’s locations but hopefully Erza and Gray are able to find them. Will be interesting to see Tartarus face off against Jellal, especially when he becomes aware of the fact that they are also after Ultear. Meredy won’t be too pleased after hearing that as well.

It could just be me but I got a massive suspicious feeling the moment Mikero’s granddaughter, Michelia showed up. Does Michelia have some connection to why Tartarus is after the former Magic Council members and why it feel like she is an important character?

Fairy Tail chapter 359 - Michelia

Will Michelia become a more relevant character in the story as this arc develops?

Anyway I wonder how Tartarus is finding these Council members, do they have some magic able locate them? Regardless Jackal and Natsu are about to face off and it has already ignited into one epic battle. It is time for Fairy Tail to make Tartarus aware of who they are. Looking forward to seeing the Fairy Tail members take out their feelings on the Tartarus members who harmed Laxus and Co.

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