Naruto Chapter 654 – The Void In Ones Heart

Naruto chapter 654 - Obito's realisation

Within the palm of your hand you search for the answer to who you are…

It is inevitable that we feel some emptiness in our lives at times, something lacking, something missing, something inducing a feeling of incompleteness. Why we feel that way and what we should do to fill this emptiness we label “a void in our heart” is a mystery without an answer. Rather than a piece to fit into such an emptiness, it falls down to a state of mind and accepting you feel that way and moving on. Eventually you will find that “gaping void” not so empty anymore. As the master of our own souls we alone have the power to change who we are, but at times there is only so much we can do alone and this is where the support of others comes into play, holding you up and pushing you to continue to believe. Kishimoto-sensei has incorporated a lot of meaning and significance within this battle, highlighting messages that go beyond the related characters, messages that inspire and resonate with the reader.

I was sad when Obito rejected Naruto’s hand and instead started to choke Naruto =(. The delusion and facade he was hiding behind was that strong huh? Did hiding behind the mask of Tobi really make him believe that the Eye of the Moon plan was the only way to achieve an end to conflict? It is clear that Rin’s death broke Obito, he wanted to throw away who he was before and get vengeance on the world which took her away from him. But that was just a reason which arose to cover up his real dream, his dream of becoming Hokage and saving the world from constant conflict. Obito forced himself to avoid looking at the truth of things, that he was running away and through his delusions of him carrying the weight of the world and walking a path for the greater good, he glorified what he was doing. Yet under all those lies, he knew he had changed and wasn’t who he was before but in so deep and in a state of utter confusion he continued to pursue the path he believed would save the world…

Obito ran away from who he was so much it took someone grabbing his hand and telling him who he was to pierce his mask of lies and strike the very core of his. The story we have seen of Obito over the past few weeks is an illustration of what everyone goes through, an illustration of a persons inner conflict and the darkness that can engross a person when they feel lost and confused. It also illustrates that despite such negativity, a person can still save themselves if they have another person believing in them and helping them out of their “darkness”.

Naruto chapter 654 - Obito's defeat

Shattering the delusion…

Kishimoto-sensei really thought a lot about this battle and how it should play out as well as why. Rather than just pan out as a good guy beating a bad guy, it pushes forward themes of identity, existentialism and individual struggles which encompasses something completely relevant to each reader. Whether a person sees and/or accepts the messages Kishimoto-sensei is trying to convey, the fact of the matter is there are powerful messages being conveyed through this battle. I have completely forgotten the bitterness which I have had since finding out that Obito was Tobi after reading these past few chapters. The relevance which Obito’s character now holds is clear.

It was great seeing Obito struggle to find out who he was yet finding out eventually. With the whole of the Shinobi Alliance behind him, Naruto has forced Obito to looked at the harsh truth of what he has been doing and ask the important question of ‘who he is’. What Obito has obtained with his defeat is a power more meaningful than the Bijuu’s, it is the realisation of who he is.

With all the Bijuu manifesting in physical chakra forms, which is badass, I am curious to see what part they will play in the coming chapters of Naruto. Is it time for Naruto to enter the state of the Rikudou Sennin? And what about Madara, what does he have in store for the Shinobi Alliance now that Obito has been defeated and stripped of the Bijuu?

Naruto has been likened to Obito ever since Obito was introduced and Sasuke has been likened to Madara for most of the manga, so going by the flow of things, I do look forward to seeing Sasuke take on Madara with Naruto’s help. Sasuke’s change and the realisation of his actions having consequences which he has recently become aware of thanks to Itachi will be tested in this coming fight he has with Madara. What choices will Sasuke make and how will he go about forging a new path for the Uchiha clan who have in the past said to be a “cursed clan”? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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