Bleach Chapter 556 – Komamura Sajin

Bleach chapter 556 - Komamura Sajin Evolution - colour by aConst (

The Human Metamorphosis technique – colour by aConst

Well that was a shock, one of the least favourite Gotei 13 Captains (which happens to be one of my favourite) getting such a badass development! I never understood why Bleach fans never really thought much of Komamura but I suspect it has something to do with the Soul Society arc and Komamura revealing his Bankai so early on in the story and subsequently from then on not getting much chance to show any improvement. I like Sajin so I am very glad he has been given a new power-up, one that will potentially showcase just how badass he is. I too was curious why Sajin wore a helmet this fight and I guess now we know why – human metamorphosis huh? Love that surprise twist right there Kubo-sensei!

Sad that Shinji and his Shikai ability are getting victimised so badly just to show-off Bambietta’s powers and crazy nature. Well Hinamori is there and healing Shinji, so there is hope that Shinji can reenter the fight and turn things around with some unrevealed powers he may have up his sleeve.

Hilarious how Bambietta just revealed how her “the Explode” ability works…I pointed out how silly it was of Shinji to reveal how Sakanade’s Sekai ability worked a few chapters ago and now Bambietta was feeling left out and revealed how her ability works…will these characters never learn…giving information about how ones ability functions makes it much more possible that a way to counter it will be found. You’ve got to keep your opponent guessing and wondering just what they can do to counter your ability which they are still trying to figure out. You’ve got to take advantage of your opponents lack of knowledge. But nope, Shinji and Bambietta feel otherwise =(. I hope Sajin doesn’t do the same next chapter and reveal how his Bankai functions…he needs to take advantage of Bambietta’s bewildered state.

Bleach chapter 556 - The Explode - colour by TrafaIgarLaw (

Bambietta, “The Explode” – colour by TrafaIgarLaw

Sajin not having a wolf head shocked me, I really did not expect such a delicious surprise to lie under that helmet. Glad that an explanation was entered into on the following page. Human Metamorphosis, so something like that existed, how exciting. Sajin’s clan were initially human but due to their sins they were cast into the Beast Realm when they entered the afterlife to atone for all those sins they committed when living. It is a convenient explanation that Sajin’s gets a power-up when returning to his original form – a human, but it is a believable explanation and one that I don’t mind. The fact that Sajin had to pull out his heart to attain such a form which expressed just how much he feels thankful and grateful to Genryuusai and his clan added to the relevance and significance of this power-up. This power-up didn’t only grant him a power boost, it also gave his character and actions more substance, something which he was lacking, especially in the eyes of the reader. Good work Kubo-sensei, I’m certain a lot more of the Bleach readers are seeing Sajin a whole new light now =D.

Sajin’s Bankai, Kokujou Tengen Myouou, is that how it looks without its armor? How interesting and how cool – a seemingly decaying body with flaming eyes and one mean as mustache! Movember represent Sajin! The “Dangai Joue” form of Kokujou Tengen Myouou has me interested, does shedding its armor for an armor of rope make it stronger, faster and more versatile? I am looking forward to the what this new Kokujou Tengen Myouou can do! Hopefully we get to see it next chapter =D.

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