Fairy Tail Chapter 354-358 – Tartarus Rises

Fairy Tail chapter 356 - colour spread - Fairy Tail

The Gates to Hell have opened and the war against the demons of Tartarus has begun

So Tartarus has finally become the focus of the story and shockingly they are a guild unlike any other we have seen before. Tartarus is a guild made up of demons, all of which have come from Zeref’s books. The master of Tartarus is E.N.D., the strongest demon from Zeref’s books and the demon Igneel tried to wipe out back in the past. Tartartus plans to exterminate all humans, starting with the Magic Council members, both current and former.

Did not expect the Magic Council to be wiped out so comprehensively before we got the chance to learn more about the members. It was a shocking introduction indeed to the plans Tartarus have in store for the rest of the world. It’s curious to learn that Tartarus are also targeting former Council members – I wonder why? They already tried to kill Yajima but Tempesta failed due to Laxus. Maybe Tartarus intends to take out the humans from the head down. With no one to govern and lead the people, humans will fall into disarray and chaos thus making it that much easier for Tartarus to accomplish their goals, which we currently don’t know too much off.

Well if former members of the Magic Council are being targeted that means that Jellal and Ultear will also be targeted. I am confident that Jellal will be able to defend himself against members of Tartarus but what concerns me is Ultear and her state now after the effects of Last Ages. I’m still holding onto the hope that Ultear is somehow able to get her lost “time” back and return to the story of Fairy Tail…hopefully with Tartarus targeting her she will be able to find a way to restore some of her lost “time”. Will be interesting to see what Erza and Gray do in response to Jellal and Ultear being targeted. Gray would definitely not want to fail Ultear now after all that Ur and her have done for him – saving his life.

Fairy Tail chapter 356 - Tartarus Nine Demon Gates - colour by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Tartarus’s Nine Demon Gates – colour by salim202

With Tartarus attacking ALL of humanity, will we see the return of other guild characters? Hopefully, I’m looking forward to seeing the return of Kagura, Sting, Rogue and all the other characters we seen during the Grand Magic Tournament.

I am curious to see what Doranbolt is going to do, will he release Cobra and the rest of the Oración Seis members? The Oración Seis members are quite awesome so if there are released, I would love to see them in the story and in action. I also would love to learn more about what Cobra knows of Tartarus.

Kyouka’s reinforcement magic seems quite ominous, especially since it appears she is the leader within the Nine Demon Gates. I wonder how much stronger her reinforcement magic makes a person? Given that those not capable enough to handle the reinforcement are turned into paper dolls, the power boost for those able to withstand it must be considerable. But what has me concerned is the effects of her reinforcement, does it stop at only power and physical attributes or does it extend to mental and psychological attributes? The reason I am so concerned is because Minerva has been affected by her abilities and I am genuinely concerned for Minerva’s well-being. I really don’t want Minerva to sink further into the darkness and become a lost cause that can only be saved through death…I am excited she has a gotten a power boost and that her rematch with Erza is more than likely now but given how ominous Kyouka and the Tartarus Nine Demon Gates appears, I am anxious to find out what has happened to Minerva – hopefully she isn’t turned into a demon =(. Minerva wasn’t as evil and bad as she made herself out to be, the fact that she disagreed with Kyouka’s cold-hearted methods illustrates that. Hopefully if there are psychological effects her vengeance against Erza keeps her from losing herself.

Fairy Tail chapter 357 - Laxus Dreyar - by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Laxus Dreyar vs Tempesta – by StingCunha

Laxus gave Tempesta a comprehensive trashing? How badass but how cheap of Tempesta to use his Demon magic to release some poison dangerous to both mages and normal people. I don’t think Tartarus are aware of the strengths of Dragon Slayers, especially with how shocked Tempesta was at the strength Laxus wielded – “we didn’t factor in humans being capable of this type of destructive force…” Also linking that statement back to how Doriate was oblivious to who Fairy Tail are, it implies that Tartarus and their close allies are unaware of much outside the underworld. It seems that the demons are overestimating themselves by deeming humans already weak and failing to prepare themselves properly for the fights to come. Well they are strong but the likes of Natsu and Erza will illustrate to them boldly just how wrong they are about humans.

I did enjoy the conclusion to the Sun Village arc, the Giants embraced Natsu and Co. with open arms for saving them and their villages and welcomed back Flare with a heartfelt welcome. It is nice to see Flare so loved after what she has been through alone after leaving the village. I was surprised that Flare stay in the Sun Village, I was expecting her to continue traveling with Lucy and Co. because they have built up a great relationship together. I also found myself really loving Flare after learning more about her past and who she really is. Hopefully we get to see more of her soon =).

Fairy Tail chapter 354 - Flare Corona - by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Flare Corona – by StingCunha

Hopefully Laxus will be able to return this arc because he was badass in the latest chapter, he sent one bold message to Tartarus to watch out and take care when crushing humans. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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