One Piece Chapter 726 – Rebecca’s Father

One Piece chapter 726 - double page colour spread

The freedom of adventure

Oh wow, I was under the impression that Gladiator Ricky was Rebecca’s father but that turned out to not exactly be the case. Gladiator Ricky is actually the former king of Dressrosa, Riku Dold III, Rebecca’s grandfather. The person who I thought was the former king of Dressrosa was the Thunder Soldier, but he is in fact Rebecca’s father. I had expected as much that the Thunder Soldier was related to Rebecca in such a way and most likely the Thunder Soldier is the legendary gladiator Kyros.

It was quite to shock to learn that Gladiator Ricky was the former king of Dressrosa and Rebecca’s grandfather. Guess I interpreted Ricky’s thoughts when in the presence of Rebecca too literally and jumped to the conclusion that he was her father. It was awesome seeing Elizabello and all of the Riku soldiers in that room excited to see Riku Dold III, they all respect and love him. I am really curious to learn what this incident was and how the love the citizens had for Riku Dold III turned into hatred. What lies did Doflamingo construct to turn himself into such a saint and savior? Will be interesting to see what happens from here on out now that the former King is back in Dressrosa.

Sai, wow so that is what happens to the defeated…they are labeled as “trash”, discarded out of sight and transformed into a toy bound by the rules of the Donquixote Family. Will all the defeated fighter be turned into toys? How intense, will defeating the person responsible for transforming people into toys break the ability effect on those affected by it? This Pirate Alliance saga really is amping-up and the potential it has for creating massive waves in the New World is incredibly exciting. If Luffy and this alliance that can potentially be formed by the pirates captured, are able to successfully stop Doflamingo and his SMILE factory production than the Strawhat name will spread like fire across the New World. The fact that Doflamingo is the reason most of these pirates are suffering gives them sufficient enough reason to ally with Luffy when the situation arises.

One Piece chapter 726 - problems around the world

Doflamingo as ‘Joker’ stirring disputes amongst many countries…the source of the rising outbreaks of war

Hack the Fishman, what is his game? After Riku Dold II revealed himself Hack secretively contacted some mysterious person via a Den Den Mushi…so so suspicious. The only person I can think of that he may contact is Jinbe but we don’t know much about Hack so making assumptions now seems a bit silly…but I will make one…possibly a Revolutionary Army agent? Curious to see how he will be fleshed out this arc.

Now that Luffy knows something is seriously not right with this country, some bells should be ringing in his head, especially when it resembles Gray Terminal and Dawn Island so much. The more this arc develops out the more I am becoming confident in the belief that Rebecca is fated to be the next Mera Mera no Mi user. Ace’s past and hers resembles each other so much. I’m now really REALLY hoping that she joins the Strawhats =).

One Piece chapter 726 - the darkest period of the Tontatta Tribe

The darkest period of the Tontatta Tribe

Nice to learn some of the past from the Void Century. The Donquixote Family were rotten than as well…enslaving and abusing the poor Dwarves! It seems the formation of the World Government and Mariejois may have been blessing for the Tontatta Tribe as it brought in a new king, one more compassionate and understanding – the Riku Family. The compensation King Riku gave the Tontatta Tribe was quite a powerful gesture, it illustrated just how much the new Kingdom accepted the Tontatta Tribe and how much they felt responsible for the pain they suffered.  I know see why Dressrosa wasn’t a wealthy country, they helped any neighbouring country in need whenever they could…what an amazing Kingdom the Riku Family created. Sucks that Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family had to come back but unfortunately for Doflamingo he chose the wrong guy to cross paths with, that’s right Luffy and his crew will make him regret what he has done.

I am curious to learn this “truth” that the citizens are oblivious about concerning the night the Riku Kingdom was lost. And what were the circumstances surrounding the Thunder Soliders toy transformation. There is also Law, how does he fit into all of this? Is he related to Riku Family’s history in some way? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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