Naruto Chapter 652-653 – The Hand That Reaches Out

Naruto chapter 653 - Take my hand

Take my hand

In times of despair, pain and hopelessness you find yourself lost in a pit of darkness unsure of what to do and where to go. You lament over your weaknesses and insecurities and begin to pity the mistakes you’ve made and problems you’ve created and like a collapsing house of cards you fall apart and crumble. Thoughts of “what should I do?”, “I just don’t know…” begin to echo within your mind and engross your soul. You reflect onto yourself and the decisions you’ve made and reactionary you begin to reach your hand out in hopes that maybe someone or some celestial entity will grab onto it and pull you out of the pit of darkness and despair you find yourself suffering in. Right now Obito has a hand reaching out towards him, the power such a gesture holds to a person lost and confused is immeasurable and piercing. I hope Obito realises that he can stop running now…

So the tug-of-war concept is reintroduced and this time with the Bijuu’s chakra. I was wondering if we would have such a development this battle to strip the Bijuu chakra away from Obito and it looks like we are but this time with an overdose of shounen flair. Awesome that Gaara and Bee are in it as well and unbelievably so is EVERY SINGLE other shinobi on the battlefield right now. It may look cheesy that development but what a powerful realisation it made Obito aware of. The page of Obito staring at Naruto and all of his supporters and then looking behind himself to see no one was a piercing scene, as much of a bad guy Obito has made himself appear this arc, you couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of sorrow for him during that scene. We all know being alone isn’t something anybody should endure so seeing Obito in such a vulnerable and desolate position really did make me feel sympathetic towards him.

Naruto chapter 652 - Obito's realisation


Obito is understandably confused at Naruto’s motive and what Naruto wants with him. But thanks to Naruto, Obito is beginning to see the full picture of what exactly he has been doing. Naruto is right, Obito IS Uchiha Obito and trying to deny that is an illustration of Obito running away. We all hide behind masks in our lives and Obito is guilty of the same thing and for that reason I believe we can begin to sympathise and “understand” Obito and his motives. We weren’t able to relate to Obito before but with this conversation Naruto and he had we are finally starting to understand the character he was, he is and wants to be.

Naruto chapter 652 - You Are Uchiha Obito - colour by i-azu (

You Are Uchiha Obito – colour by i-azu

It came to no surprise to me that Obito was so fixated on Naruto because Naruto was so similar to his past self and because of that Obito wanted through Naruto to confirm and validate that the path he made was the right one. Surprising to Obito though, his fixation on Naruto stirred an interesting reaction inside him, the reaction of recalling memories and feelings of the past. Obito is just so hurt by the losses and pain he had to endure and because he is so caught up in the past that he feels the path he is traveling is the one he should be traveling. Obito wants to end suffering and bring forth global peace but the path that has caught his attention is the one closest to him, the one not shrouded in uncertainty and shadow. Naruto identified the striking flaw with his logic and laid out boldly what it really means to be Hokage. Naruto is right, there is no shortcut to an end point, just because something is uncertain, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth focusing on. Obito was running away and through the gesture of Obito looking at his hand and realising the emptiness he see’s in it, he too has come to realise what he has been doing.

Naruto chapter 653 - Obito reflecting on himself

Obito reflecting on himself and realising the emptiness he sees

Through glimpses of his past, it seems like Rin was always on his side and even now she probably is watching over Obito and supporting him. I’m not sure if Obito realises this but Rin died for him, she may not have known he was still alive, but she died for the dream he wholeheartedly believed in. Obito changed Kakashi and Rin, and he has the potential to change many more. With Naruto’s hand reached out in front of Obito now full of understanding and support, I hope Obito realises what he has been doing and decides to stop running away. He has wronged a lot of people but I do feel sorry for him and I hope he at least changes his intentions to want to repent for his past deeds. He was sincere in wanting peace, but in his lost and confused state that became distorted with uncertainty and fear he found himself walking down a path that goes against the very beliefs he once held.

I am anxious to find out what Obito decides but I’m looking forward to the next chapter and his choice.

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