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Bleach Chapter 554-555 – Unleash The Quincy

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Bleach chapter 555 - The Hero - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

The Hero – colour by i-azu

Well that was a pleasant surprise, Ichigo is back in the focus of things and this time he is off heading towards Soul Society at breakneck speeds =D. His new outfit design is incredibly cool, I love how badass and heroic Kubo-sensei made Ichigo look – that Persian and enigmatic vibe he has going, I really do wonder what happened during his training. Anyway with the Quincy able to unleash their Vollständig, things are certainly going to get a lot more interesting and exciting.

Bambietta Basterbine, dam she is a bunch of random and weird. She started of badass then went off into a whole “what?” tangent when she started talking to herself and getting embarrassed. The Sternritter do have their problems being isolated for so long I see…Bambietta’s subordinates as well, I find it amusing that they are just lying low and chilling =P. Interesting to see that one of Bambietta’s subordinates can also unleash the Quincy Vollständig.

Komamura showing up was pretty cool, especially now with him donning a helmet again. Curious to learn what happened with him and the big dog =/. Shinji was an unexpected surprise, didn’t think I’d see two Captains face off against a Sternritter member so soon. Cool how Shinji activated Sakanade’s Sekai on Bambietta, but why did he go and tell her that it was his zanpakutou ability? Information like that is valuable and giving ANY information to the enemy seems incredibly dumb…Shinji even went and described exactly how Sakanade’s Sekai functions…really?

The Quincy Vollständig form is definitely impressive but as shown by Quilge Opie, it is also definitely not without its flaws. While the Vollständig form allows the Quincy to absorb reishi from almost any substance made out of reishi, it doesn’t cover the weakness existing from the Blut ability. The Quincy are not able to simultaneously employ their offensive and defensive blut as they operate on two different reishi systems. Just like how Kisuke and the mysterious character damaged Opie, I am sure the Shinigami can damage the Sternritter members who have unleash their Vollständig form.

This is just a theory but attacks incorporating some Hollow presence may be more effective against the Quincy as it has already been said that the Quincy have no natural defense against the Hollow essence.

Bleach chapter 555 - Crazy Banbieta - colour by the103orjagrat (http://the103orjagrat.deviantart.com)

Crazy Banbieta – colour by the103orjagrat

Interesting to hear that Bambietta can single-handedly end this war and in an instant for that matter. I wonder if the Sternritter are overestimating themselves and their Vollständig form =/. Well it seems seven Sternritter members have unleash their Vollständig forms, so it should be quite exciting to see how the battles unfold from here on out.

Seeing Ichigo again was great, he really does seem to have changed. He is more calm and composed now, which makes sense after the journey he went through learning about his roots and reforming his zanpakutou incorporating both his Quincy and Hollow forms into it. Even Kisuke noticed a change in Ichigo through their conversation. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how this war will develop.

Bleach chapter 555 - The Hero - by hyugasosby (http://hyugasosby.deviantart.com)

The Hero – by hyugasosby

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