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One Piece Chapter 725 – The Fate Of The Defeated

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One Piece chapter 725 -  The fate of the defeated

What is Doflamingo planning to do with these fighters?

Well this chapter left me with many questions. So many events developing I am left sad that I need to wait until the next chapter to find out the next process in those developments. It is pretty certain now that Luffy won’t be going anyway soon even if the Strawhats and Co. do end up destroying the Smile production factory. Just like the readers, Luffy has grown attached to Rebecca and it stands with reasonable certainty that he won’t be leaving her until he helps her. Doflamingo is indirectly pissing off Luffy through the people he has hurt and just like how it was with Crocodile, Luffy doesn’t it take it too well when people he has come to care about are hurt.

Law, what is he talking about? “I intend to fulfill what he dedicated his entire life for”, who is this mysterious person and how exactly is he related to Law and Doflamingo. Law seems to care for this person and it seems Doflamingo may have betrayed them which resulted in unleashing Law’s hatred towards Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family. It seems Law’s beef with Doflamingo is extremely personal and has been planned for a LONG time. The extreme passion at which Law is driven to stop Doflamingo makes me more curious about the past the two share.

So that is how Momonosuke became acquainted with Doflamingo before arriving at Punk Hazard. Wow what a cruel guy Doflamingo, what exactly has happened in his past to drive him to act in such a way now? Doflamingo has hinted as his childhood being different but nothing substantial has been revealed so far (apart from once being a Tenryuubito) but the more twisted he is shown to act, the most I become curious by the past he has lived. I can somehow understand how that twisted nature he has could be born from the realisation of the unforgiving and cruel nature of the Tenryuubito, which he grew up around.

One Piece chapter 725 -  Violet's plan

Violet ❤

Violet, hahah, the more she is covered, the more I become intrigued, interested, inquisitive and infatuated by her. Her mentioning she has a contact that will give her government protection has me curious about who she is exactly =/. What I am certain of though is that she is a good person, the panel highlighting her smile as she ‘sees’ Sanji head off to save Nami (and his friends) illustrates quite powerfully how she appreciates the kind-hearted and chivalrous nature of Sanji. This makes her story of how she was continuously betrayed that much more believable. What got me real curious though was her connection to Rebecca and the Riku Family. She seemed familiar with Rebecca or at least her situation as illustrated by her act of shooting the Den Den Mushi Screen which viewers were yelling curses for Rebecca at. I’m glad she has become one of the focus characters this arc.

Bartolomeo, oh goodness, my impressions of Bartolomeo are becoming so distorted and wrapped up in a storm of confusion and shock. If only the World Government knew what the REAL Bartolomeo is like…I don’t know if they would laugh or hang their heads in disbelief…Kinemon’s impression of Bartolomeo pretty much describes the viewer’s reactions. I do wonder how Kinemon will react once he finds out that Bartolomeo IS the wanted cold-blooded and brutal Bartolomeo the Cannibal.

One Piece chapter 725 -  Rebecca's fighting style

That’s it, my money is on Rebecca, she is awesome!

Rebecca, what a total badass. I’m with Luffy on this, give them hell Rebecca! The fact that Rebecca can defeat the opponents she faces without directly injuring them is an incredible feat, an impressively amazing feat actually. The fact that NO ONE has ever landed a clean blow on her emphasises just how strong she is. Luffy did pick up on the possibility that Rebecca can use the Colour of Observation Haki, and if this is proven to be correct, she has every chance of standing victorious at the end of this D Block battle. There are some named fighters left in the block, but I doubt they have what it takes to defeat Rebecca, well unless they implement some questionable methods, which the commentator was hinting at.

So now we know what happens to the defeated fighters for this competition…under the guise of a medical “examination” they lure the fighters into a vulnerable position where they can force them down some system underground towards a hidden prison or disposal room of sorts. I guess now we know why a lot of these new characters were named during the Colosseum Block battles, because they have a more important role than losing in the competition to play. Once we link this development back to the saga’s title – Pirate Alliance Saga – it becomes more clear why these character were named. The potential of these characters joining in the Strawhat Alliance is increasingly likely especially if Usopp and Co. end up finding their way to the room these defeated contestants were sent to. Would be incredibly amusing if Usopp after “saving” them strolls up to the Donquixote Family with these pirates and fighters behind him, ahahahahah, the legendary hero Usopp indeed! I really wouldn’t be surprised if the Dwarves have an underground system that connects to the room the fighters are in.

When you realise that each of the Strawhats are forming a sort of friendship with different factions/people in the New World it becomes incredibly exciting thinking about how these developments could be fleshed out in the future of One Piece. Luffy and Rebecca, Luffy and Chinjao, Sanji and Violet, Robin/Usopp/Zoro and the Dwarves, Franky and the Thunder Soldier, the Strawhats and Kinemon, the Strawhats and Law, the Strawhats and Bartolomeo, plus all the past friendships/alliances.

Chinjao, wow, guess he really is a comical character now – “Depending on how this plays out…Doflamingo…I’ll hold this grudge until your grandchildren’s generation!!” Did Chinjao  learn nothing from his fight with Luffy? Well I’ll let this slide because it was amusing and got me laughing =P. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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