Naruto Chapter 651 – These Are My Bonds

Naruto chapter 651 - These are my bonds

The bonds shared between friends

The artwork this chapter was spectacular, beyond the usual goodness we are to treated to. Seeing Naruto and Sasuke merge chakra and engage Obito as a united unit rather than two separate individual’s was just awesome. Having the rest of the Konoha crew join in to help create an opening for Naruto and Sasuke added to the grand nature of the counterattack and seeing it pulled off with the collective feelings of the characters drove home one of the most relevant themes in Naruto. I admit it was cheesy, but the situation called for it and this is exactly what Naruto is about; bonds and overcoming adversity TOGETHER. The images flashing through Obito’s mind as he crossed blades and chakra with Naruto was a surprise, but it was fitting, it represented exactly what the differences between Obito and Naruto are. Obito poisoned by Madara’s influence and hatred deviated from the path he would have normally gone down – turning to his friends for help.

Kurama with the Susanoo armor looked insanely badass, plus the katana, I love it! Obito STILL continues to try to verbally break Naruto, but it has now become apparent that Obito is just trying to convince himself completely by repeating how glorious the “dream” he is seeking is. The appearance of the Divine Blade of the Rikudou Sennin, Nunoboku, was a surprise. Such a thing existed? How many of these Rikudou Sennin weapons/tools are there?

It is no surprise that Kakashi is able to accurately read Obito and see past the conflict Obito is having within – Obito is someone Kakashi looks up to, well the past Obito. Comparing Obito’s void to how Naruto filled his was a nice contrast. Naruto too had a void in his heart in the past, but unlike Obito, Naruto never gave up and continued to believe in a positive future. In turn that determination and perseverance inspired many others around Naruto who over time came to believe and love Naruto. Those flashes of images of an alternate reality Obito could have traveled expressed boldly just how contrastingly Obito deviated from the path Naruto chose to travel. Rather then fight through and endure the pain that came with living, Obito chose to become a victim to it and subsequently be controlled by it. What Obito saw was a potential path he could have traveled to fill the void he is now being eaten up by.

Naruto chapter 651 - Naruto and Obito - colour by EspadaZero (

That tragic difference between Obito and Naruto – colour by EspadaZero

Defeated by the very thing Obito is trying to deny – bonds and connections with others that extends beyond the temporal – how fitting. I feel sad for Obito that he went down the path he got led down, he was an awesome character who represented very radiantly what a shinobi should be like. But due to tragic circumstances and a vulnerable state of mind, Obito found himself spiraling down this path of hate and misunderstood “truth”.

I am left curious after this chapter if Obito really is defeated with that attack =/. Could the Juubi/Shinju take control of Obito’s body now and go wild? Will be interesting to see how everything will pan out now and exactly what Madara will do. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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