Bleach Chapter 553 – The Return Of The Bankai

Bleach chapter 553 - Hitsugaya Toushirou by aConst (

Partially Hollowfied Hitsugaya Toushirou by aConst

I’m not sure if it is because Bankai grants the user an insane power boost or because Cang Du is one of the weaker Sternritter, but Toushirou just dished out what he was tasting from Bazz-B right onto Cang Du. Whats more and something I had actually forgot after reading the previous chapter, but Toushirou in Bankai form partially Hollowfied looks quite badass. I’m quite excited to see the Gotei 13 members unleash their partially Hollowfied Bankai now, because I do find the Hollow designs by Kubo-sensei insanely creative and badass.

Omaeda, hahah, so he managed to get the Shadow Invading pill to Soi Fong, I’m surprised he wasn’t stopped by BG9. But what was BG9 doing to Soi Fong with all his…whatever the hell they were, before Omaeda got there. Seems BG9 was made rather than born and it seems it is some information gathering bot for Yhwach. Will be interesting to see Soi Fong take him down next chapter if he wasn’t taken down in the explosion this chapter.

I’m surprised the Sternritter didn’t foresee something like this happening. If Bankai can be stolen, they surely would have expected that the Shinigami would find a way to counter the Bankai stealing and using process. Well that gap of thought really has opened the door for the Shinigami to fight back and totally scrap the plans the Quincy have come up with, well to an extent, who knows if Yhwach expected this or not =/.

I quite enjoyed seeing Toushirou counter and brush off all the attacks Cang Du sent his way with Hyourinmaru. The conflict in beliefs between Toushirou and Cang Du about the existence of a zanpakutou soul in the Bankai seems to have rustled the zanpakutou as well, nice to see them come out into the light for a change =D. Will be cool to see more zanpakutou come to life as more battles between the Sternritter and the Gotei 13 commence, especially Zaraki’s.

Bleach chapter 553 - Hitsugaya Toushirou and Hyourinmaru

The return of the Bankai, the return of Hyourinmaru

A partially Hollowfied Toushirou with his Bankai released, that was quite the treat and especially when you have Kubo Tite illustrating it =D. Not sure if Toushirou got a power boost or what, but he seems much tougher than before, especially the brutality at which his ice freezes. Going to be interesting to see if we have a Toushirou vs Bazz-B rematch. I have grown to come to like Bazz-B, so it will be sad when he does come to being defeated and/or killed. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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