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One Piece Chapter 724 – Law And Doflamingo

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One Piece chapter 724 - Coloured cover page

A little bit of One Piece invading your night =D

What exactly is Law planning? What is with this sudden announcement of his ending his alliance with the Strawhats? What exactly happened with Law in the past and what were the events that led to the fallout between Law and Doflamingo? All these events and connections shrouded in mystery and shadows are really confusing me. Does Law really ONLY want to stop the production of Smile? For some reason, I don’t really believe him, while that may be a major objective of his, I still believe Law’s intention to become Pirate King.

The Doflamingo and Sanji fight got wrapped up quicker than I expected and it turned out to be more one-sided then predicted as well. I guess Sanji didn’t know what techniques and abilities Doflamingo uses so being vulnerable to Doflamingo’s string was to be expected. Now that we know Doflamingo ate the Ito Ito no Mi and is able to utilise strings as his weapon, it will be interesting to see how future opponents of Doflamingo go about combating him, specifically Law, Luffy and Bartolomeo. Law has prepared a lot of counters to Doflamingo’s abilities and his Room ability really does work wonders when deviating the string attacks of Doflamingo – but hahah wow, that whip is POWERFUL!

So Caesar’s heart was in Law all along, ahahah wow, Law surely does know how to troll everyone with bold strategic moves. Sending off half the Strawhats to Zou ahead of their Captain is an interesting move though. But given the circumstances, I guess it is a move forced to make due to the lack of options and because Doflamingo was right behind them =P. Hilarious how Law redirected one of the meteors sent to crash on the Thousand Sunny back towards the Marine battleship and Isshou reacting in such a casual manner ordering the retreat while eating.

I’m curious to learn about the limitations of Doflamingo’s string abilities, like how many strings can he control at a time and how resilient are these strings to being cut =/. I guess with Law now resolved to face off against Doflamingo to buy the Strawhats some time to destroy the Smile factory, we may get a chance to see just how limited Doflamingo’s Ito Ito no Mi ability can be. I got to admit though, using his strings to connect to clouds and transport via air is extremely cool. Law is trying to force Kaidou’s hand in crushing Doflamingo by destroying the very connection the two have, the Smile factory. The fact that Doflamingo doesn’t deny Kaidou being able to crush him indicates that Kaidou is one fearsome existence…

One Piece chapter 724 - Law's Strategy

Looks like Doflamingo is underestimating the Strawhats as well…

A certain time is what is driving Law to follow this path. Events thirteen years ago are the trigger to Law’s negativity towards Doflamingo. What exactly happened and why did Law refer to Doflamingo as “Joker” in the end. Does Doflamingo taking on the title of Joker have anything to do with what happened during that time? Did Doflamingo crush Law’s home village and lie to Law about it? Well whatever it is, it is something that is forcing a person like Law to give up EVERYTHING just to make sure Doflamingo is as good as dead.

Also I don’t think Dressrosa will be just a passing point for Luffy now. Circumstances have arisen to force the angry part of Luffy out and it just so happens that the source of all the events triggering Luffy’s anger lead back to none other then Doflamingo, the man behind making Rebecca sad. What we have learned from the previous 723 chapters is that when Luffy has a reason to fight, he doesn’t leave until he has settled his business and right now Doflamingo is his business. Also what better way to leave a message for one of the Yonkou i.e. Kaidou, then destroying the Smile factory and crushing one of his allies i.e. Doflamingo. Luffy has a REAL reason to stay in Dressrosa now and just like how it was back during the Alabasta arc; regardless of who stands in his way, even if it were a Shichibukai, he will not allow his nakama to be harmed. Doflamingo should ask Crocodile what exactly went wrong during Alabasta because I am sure Doflamingo would find the story quite liberating. Looking forward to seeing how this arc develops from here on out.

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