Naruto Chapter 650 – I Can Dream On My Own

Naruto chapter 650 - Let's Finish This - colour by i-azu (

Let’s Finish This – colour by i-azu

Those familiar words said over and over again throughout the course of Naruto which have become much too familiar with have never sounded so good. Beyond reason and beyond explanation, those very words establish the direction in which he travels, a path transcending external circumstances and the vulnerabilities of human perception, it is a path that will never waver from the direction it has set. It is about time Obito got a taste of those words many others before him have had the pleasure of being embraced by. This time Naruto comes along with a friend =D. Great chapter.

Quite boss to see all the Kages plus the Samurai act together to combat the chakra siphoning Shinju. Hell even Orochimaru is joining in =D. I wonder if Orochimaru predicted such a plan from Obito and Madara and if he implemented certain countermeasures against this possible result. Well regardless, with Tobimaru’s Shunshin no Jutsu and Katsuyu’s healing, the Shinobi Alliance have some great support to combat the Shinju.

Naruto chapter 650 - Tsunade and Sakura's Byakugou release

Tsunade and Sakura’s Byakugou release

Loved seeing Tsunade and Sakura activate their Byakugou, but it is interesting to find out that Katsuyu is a much larger existence then we had currently known. Tsunade was only able to summon a part of Katsuyu before and even with Sakura, another Byakugou user, only 10% of Katsuyu is able to be summoned to the battlefield. Katsuyu is a much more different summon then the other summons we have seen before. I am curious to find out if any one person has ever summoned the whole of Katsuyu before, if so then that person must be incredibly powerful. It could also just be that Katsuyu was meant to summoned by several Byakugou users. Well not much has been revealed about Shikkotsu Forest and those related to it but hopefully it is explored more this arc. I was already impressed by Tsunade and Katsuyu’s healing abilities during the Pein invasion, but now with another Byakugou user, it is going to be completely insane how powerful their healing will be.

I was wondering if Obito had fully forsaken himself, but it turns out the extreme extent at which he is pursuing the Eye of the Moon plan is also a gesture to convince himself that he is no more who he once was. It should have been obvious in the moment where he placed paramount existential importance on Rin’s relation to him that Obito is still his old self and as much as he tries to bury it under actions of contrary notions, the very core of him embodies the Obito of before. It makes sense, there was nothing Obito faced to completely persuade him to discard his previous beliefs, the circumstances surrounding Rin’s death just made him question and doubt it. It was Madara who established a direction for Obito to direct those erupting emotions he has been feeling since then. It may just be me, but I have felt since Obito revealed his identity that he wasn’t fully convinced by what he was saying, he was saying it with emotion but he wasn’t saying it with conviction and belief. That is why everything Obito has been spewing about wanting the world to end and there being no future I felt were completely weightless and empty.

Naruto chapter 650 - Kakashi's assessment of Obito's inner conflict

Kakashi’s assessment of Obito’s inner conflict

I can accept that Obito himself wasn’t completely convinced by what he was saying and by saying it over and over again it were attempts by himself to come to believe that very thing he was saying. Obito’s feeling of being lost is completely transparent and it seems like killing Naruto and going through with the Eye of the Moon plan are an attempt by Obito to reach an answer to the question he is currently unnerved by. The ironic thing is that he is turning a blind eye to the actual truth because doing so would leave him without any target to direct his anger and hatred towards. Obito may just be afraid of accepting that Rin has died.

By asking Naruto why he gets up despite everything he has been through is Obito’s attempt to reflect an answer from Naruto onto himself. He wants to place Naruto within the same position he was in and see what someone like Naruto, someone very similar to the old Obito, would do. Obito is seeking confirmation that he has done and is doing the right thing.

Right now Obito’s eyes have been forcefully turned to the negative perspective of things (thanks to Madara) and because of this he is totally oblivious to the side beyond the shadow. Why does Obito find himself so caught up on the reality of friends betraying each other rather than friends once having friends? Why does he focus on an alliance breaking up then there actually being an alliance now? It is this very paranoid state he is in which creates the conflicting reactions within himself. Naruto actions go against the very thing he is currently pursuing and on top of his old self feeling nostalgic, his current self is feeling confused as to why the very reality it is seeing isn’t seen by another person, a person so very closely resembling his old self.

Naruto has never sounded so badass, and the nindou in which he follows has never sounded as powerful as it does now. Naruto does not follow a reason for wanting to stop Obito, he decided to stop Obito and now despite what he feels, he will stop Obito because he told himself he will. That very nindou was a state mind built up during the time when doubt, hesitation, hate, fear, anger, depression embraced himself tenderly. To survive those crushing feelings and hold onto the flicker of light he rarely got a glimpse of, Naruto created his nindou to follow through with what he wanted despite what he was feeling. Naruto found a way to strengthen his resolve whenever he found himself falling into despair. It was that tragic past Naruto had lived which made him who he is today. Unlike Obito who is currently focusing on the negative side of things now, Naruto has continuously been focusing on the positive aspects of everything since his childhood.

Naruto chapter 650 - Naruto and Sasuke's chakra merge

Naruto and Sasuke’s chakra merge

Sasuke understands this, he is one of the few people who really understands Naruto despite his attempts to convey the contrary. But as they say, actions speak louder than words and Sasuke actions have made it clear that he really gets Naruto. LOVE that final panel of the chapter, Naruto and Sasuke’s chakra merging into a Susanoo coated Kurama, just badass. Naruto’s retort to Obito’s pursuit of the Eye of the Moon was beyond amusing, it was moon shattering awesome. Looks like Naruto doesn’t need Obito and the Eye of the Moon plan to sleep and dream, because that is something Naruto and everyone can do on their own =D. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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