Bleach Chapter 552 – A Hollow Embrace

Bleach chapter 552 - Sternritter I, Cang Du - colour by MrAali (

The Quincy’s poison – colour by MrAali

Urahara Kisuke, what a guy, reaching a solution to the crushing blow of Bankai’s becoming useless against the Quincy and completing turning the tables on those having stolen the Bankai. I had deduced beforehand that the reason Ichigo’s Bankai wasn’t able to be stolen was because of the Hollow presence as it was something the Quincy didn’t meld with properly but I didn’t attribute the very foundations of why as the Hollow essence being like poison to the Quincy. Those instinctual reactions existing within the Quincy towards Hollows may very well be the thing that crushes then now.

I had forgotten about Rangiku, but dam, didn’t think she would be defeated so soon. The sudden appearance of Rangiku’s unconscious and bloody state had gotten me feeling some ill-will towards Cang Du, which I believe was intended by Kubo-sensei as right now Toushirou has been given extra motivation to unleash on the Quincy. Cang Du unfortunately is going to be the target of Toushirou’s wrath right now, I just wonder if Cang Du will have any counters to him up his sleeve. The fact that Hyourinmaru has become poison to him right now leaves him no choice but to force Hyourinmaru out his body and presumably back into Toushirou.

Kisuke, oh wow, I love him. Hilariously surprising Mayuri like that, ahahahahahah. Figures it is Kisuke who comes up with a counter to the Bankai stealing technique the Quincy have. This also explains why Kisuke was in Hueco Mundo just before – to prove his hypothesis. Loving how the Arrancar Resurreccion has become extremely relevant this arc. It is interesting that the solution exist in a pill form but given how Kisuke has spent a century researching Hollows, Shinigami and the Hollowfication process, it is not that surprising that he was able to arrive at and develop a counter to the Quincy’s Bankai stealing technique so quickly. The reasoning Kisuke and Mayuri arrived at would also mean that Shinji and the other Visoreds are immune to having their Bankai’s stolen as they are part Hollow as well.

Will be interesting to see how the match-ups are affected now with the Quincy who have stolen Bankai’s being forced to remove them from their beings and presumably back into the initial host of the Bankai. Toushirou and Soi Fong ready for round two now? I wonder if anything has changed or if the Quincy are still overwhelming more powerful than what the Gotei 13 can handle. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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