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One Piece Chapter 723 – Stopping The Strawhats

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One Piece chapter 723 - Sanji vs Doflaming - colour by Hitotsumami (http://hitotsumami.deviantart.com)

Sanji vs Doflaming – colour by Hitotsumami

And so the developments keep on evolving one after another. Something happened in Doflamingo’s past which led him to losing his Tenryuubito title. Doflamingo questions blood and questions fate, those very questions implies that Doflamingo wasn’t exactly your normal Tenryuubito who held a complete superiority complex over all. It is a shame Doflamingo wants to focus on crushing the Strawhats one by one because I am intrigued by this past of his which he has been briefly mentioning. What exactly happened to Doflamingo in the past?

Zoro and Kinemon waiting outside right in front the closed gate into the Colosseum is SO suspicious! I’m surprised a police officer or such hadn’t approached them. But I suppose when you have Bartolomeo’s fanboy stares filling the very space around Zoro, it would be hard to approach someone like that O.o. Bartolomeo’s fanboy face cracks me every time, I still can’t believe Bartolomeo is such an immense fanboy. To think this cold and brutal killer has such a soft spot towards the Strawhats, got to give him points for passion as well.

One Piece chapter 723 - Bartolomeo fanboying

Such passion…

What Gladius said about Violet was interesting. Does this mean that Violet was aware the Strawhats landed on Dressrosa before she kidnapped Sanji, and still didn’t mention this to Trebol? If she was aware of the Strawhats arrival why didn’t she inform Trebol? Violet was aware of Sanji’s passionate and kind feelings back then, so she had no reason to keep such information from the Donquixote Family, well unless there is more going on then we can currently see. It is a possibility that Violet is working for another faction unrelated to the Donquixote Family =/. It is a possibility, but I don’t want to believe or entertain it =(.

One Piece chapter 723 - Violet and her Senrigan

I’m loving her Devil Fruit ability even more now, ah Violet is fantastic

The more Violet helps Sanji and shares information with Sanji the more I believe that she is actually a changed woman and is really helping Sanji. There is the part of me that wants to doubt and reject what I am interpreting concerning Violet’s true motives to lessen the shock and sadness which would arise if it were revealed that Violet had actually been playing Sanji all this time. But since I want to believe that Violet is ally to the Strawhat’s so badly I’m rejecting my own rejecting thoughts immensely and emotionally just placing all my beliefs in Violet. I’m in love with Violet’s information gathering ability and want her so badly to join the Strawhats or at least ally with them so we have more dynamic arcs in this New World portion of One Piece. Oh goodness, Violet, please be exactly who you are revealing yourself to be at the moment, I don’t want to see you turn into an enemy of the Strawhats =(.

Amusing to see Nami and Co. unleash their frustration of being turned into “art” on Jora. I wonder how exactly she is bound? Are they using Kairoseki bindings or something on her? I have a feeling she is going to be freed soon though, either by Doflamingo or another Donquixote Family member. Still nice for Strawhats that she is so talkative.

One Piece chapter 723 - Doflamingo and his mysterious past

Why did he lose his Tenryuubito status?

Speaking of Doflamingo, his been teasing us a lot about his past, ah I want to know what he has been through! What circumstances and events have taken place in his life to lead him to the place he is currently in – a Shichibukai and the underworld dealer known as Joker? Funny how Doflamingo stated that he is trying not to make the same mistake of underestimating the Strawhats as others have done in the past, especially when Doflamingo has already underestimated the Strawhats already (looks at Luffy).

Fujitora’s hearing is inhuman, the hell did he hear Nami’s Sorcery Clima-Tact thunder when the Thousand Sunny was so far away i.e. not in eyesight distance. He is dangerous…

And it turns out so is Law, ahahaha, Doflamingo fell for the same trick Caesar fell for before. Looks like Doflamingo isn’t as smart as he believes! Poor random solider getting the short end of the stick, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, poor guy…But how badass, Law managed to use the moment Fujitora got distracted by his subordinates scream to escape from Fujitora’s gravity – that is some smooth planning and execution right there.  Wonder where Caesar’s real heart is though O.o. It’s a shame that the ‘Killer Fish’ induced Nami and Co. to scream which attracted Doflamingo’s attention and scraped the pretty smart plan Law had up his sleeve to off-load Caesar’s onto Nami and Co, but at least now we get to see some action! I was wondering what would happen when Doflamingo headed for the boat and how exciting we get Mr. Prince himself! Funny how Sanji is always the one to save the gang when they are in the thick of trouble – when Crocodile caught Luffy and Co., taking on Enel to save Usopp and Nami and messing up Ark Maxim’s gears effectively stopping it, activating the lever at Enies Lobby to close the Gate of Justice, and now when Nami and Co. were pretty much staring death in the face. I loooove how Sanji came in out of nowhere with his Blue Walk and shocked Doflamingo. Looking forward to this fight and whether it will turn into something series.

Also hahah, it’s interesting to note that Momonosuke has changed into his dragon form now. The last panel he was seen in human form before changing into a dragon is the panel before the ‘Killer Fish’ showed up. Seems like fear is the trigger for Momonosuke changing forms AND activating his abilities – when frightened by a hunger-induced hallucination back in Punk Hazard, he unconsciously used his cloud ability =/. Curious to see why Doflamingo was so interested in Momonosuke for and what he intends on doing with Momonosuke once he kidnaps him (I assume Doflamingo still has an interest in Momonosuke).

The Doflamingo vs Sanji match-up does seem a bit “hmmmmmmm”, but I believe Sanji can hold his own against Doflamingo until Law comes up with a plan to escape or distract Doflamingo and Fujitora if he interferes, until they escape. Looking forward to the coming chapters, especially the continuation of the Block D battle – GO Rebecca!

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