Naruto Chapter 649 – “Thank You, Naruto”

Naruto chapter 649 - Eyes of the Victory - by IITheYahikoDarkII (

Naruto and Sasuke, eyes of resolve – by IITheYahikoDarkII

I’m so glad the characters in Naruto are beginning to feel the same way about Naruto as the reader’s have for past fourteen years. The struggles Naruto had to go through and endure in the early parts of his life weren’t easy, they were overwhelmingly sad and as shown through several other characters who experienced the same type of childhood, it was mentally crushing. Shikamaru illustrated it brilliantly how the feelings of those close to Naruto have changed dramatically after realising just hard Naruto has been fighting to follow his dreams. They all now wish for Naruto never to go through again all that he has endured in his past.

The Kages are here! Hell yeah! And just like that they have all their shinobi rallied and at the ready to launch an attack. Those five Kages as well as the shinobi representing them all encapsulate the vision Hashirama had fought for decades ago in the first Kage inaugural meeting.

Naruto chapter 649 - Ino

Ino’s realisation of just what Naruto is feeling in the moment Shikamaru is injured

I found it extremely cool that Ino was able to understand what Naruto was feeling at that exact moment when Shikamaru was injured. It exemplifies just how proficient Ino has become with her Mind-Body techniques. Ino wasn’t able to understand Naruto in the past, but right now she realises just what she had failed to see back then. All those close to Naruto have now. Shikamaru in particular expresses how Naruto makes him feel compelled to act and want to follow Naruto down whatever path he decides to travel. That will power of Naruto and the pain Naruto has endured for years inspires Shikamaru to want to support Naruto and become his right hand man, his advisor.

Naruto chapter 649 - Shikamaru, Naruto's advisor

The perfect candidate for the role =D

The point Shikamaru brings up about the differences between Hashirama and Naruto is an extremely relevant one. Naruto does not have a brother like Hashirama and as such Naruto did not have someone to open up to and talk to. Naruto does not have the support Hashirama had when he was growing up and when he became Hokage. The two characters which do come to mind when thinking about brotherly figures to Naruto are Shikamaru and Sasuke. The fact that Shikamaru has identified this problem and yearns to remedy it is just awesome. I just hope that Sasuke, who already understands Naruto more than most, starts to perceive the world in a different light and gives his support to Naruto. Sasuke already knows that Naruto sees him as a brother and I believe deep down Sasuke feels the same way. With Sasuke’s mind more clear than it has ever been, it will be interesting to see how Sasuke moves forward from here on out.

And Hinata, yeah…let’s all hope she will be more then a right hand man to Naruto in the future =P.

Tsunade!! Yay!! She must be feeling extra inspired after meeting her grandfather again and seeing Naruto fighting so fiercely for the future. The ‘Will of Fire’ which Tsunade has pointed out continuing through to Hashirama’s grandchildren’s era has most likely ignited the ‘Will of Fire’ in her. I can’t wait to see Tsunade in action.

The Raikage, he realises it now huh? But I guess he just twisted the perception of that moment to fit within his philosophy of shinobi. Still incredibly cool to see him accepting the moment he ridiculed Naruto in as a moment of action and power. Mei, Ohnoki and Gaara are also ready to move. Very much looking forward to seeing the Kages take on the Shinju!

Kakashi appearing this chapter surprised me. I was wondering if he was up to something within the Kamui dimension, so it will be interesting to see what he does now within that dimension. Also I’m curious about whether Obito took Rin’s corpse within the Kamui dimension =/. The coming chapters are going to be incredibly exciting, looking forward to it!

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