Bleach Chapter 551 – The Sternritter [Part II]

Bleach chaper 551 - The Sternritter

Will Toushirou be able to get his bankai back?

Once again the Shinigami are pushed on the back foot by the Sternritter and once again they seem to be getting themselves saved by the man whom Soul Society ignorantly forsook, Urahara Kisuke. I’m quite enjoying seeing the Shinigami in such a panicked state and them outclassed and overwhelmed by their Quincy counterparts. Though this push by the Sternritter doesn’t seem like it will last much longer, you can just feel the Shinigami are going to push back now.

Haschwalth is a cool character, his cool demeanor and the mysterious aura about him intrigue me greatly. Nanao surprised me, I didn’t expect her to be that proficient in kidou that she would be able to create such a useful technique against the Quincy given the situation. It IS a shame she wasn’t able to teach it to anyone else but it is still impressive that she developed such a technique. I’m curious to see what else she has up her sleeve.

Toushirou sure is in a pickle. Not sure how he got out of Bazz-B’s Burner Finger attack but Bazz-B seems to be countering any and everything Toushirou is throwing at him. Bazz-B seems to be a bit too overconfident in his flames which leads me to believe that that arrogance is what is going to be his undoing. For now Bazz-B seems to be victorious but when he starts underestimating his opponent he might as well have one foot in the grave. That Sternritter member which showed that stole Toushirou’s Bankai now plans to finish him, I wonder where this development will lead – possibly Toushirou getting his Bankai back? I’m surprised Yhwach supported the idea of the Sternritter who stole a Shinigami’s Bankai having the right to kill that Shinigami, it seems completely silly to me. I would’ve expected Yhwach to just be focused on exterminating the Shinigami as efficiently and quickly as possible =/. If the Sternritter find themselves defeated thanks to this silly rule, I will eye roll immensely…

Well whatever is happening, Kisuke revealed an amazing and shocking piece of information. Kisuke now has a method of getting back the Bankai the Sternritter members have stolen! Well why am I not surprised, Kisuke seems to be able to figure any problem out, what a genius. Looking forward to what Kisuke is about to reveal and how this will impact the Shinigami who have had their Bankai stolen. Also waiting for an explanation of how the Bankai of a zanpakutou can be “stolen” from the Shinigami.

(Also my 200th post, yay =D).

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