Fairy Tail Chapter 352-353 – The Devil Slayer

Fairy Tail chapter 353 - Absolute Zero Silver - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

The Ice Devil Slayer, Silver – by salim202

Hahah how obvious it all appears now in hindsight, so the Eternal Flame was the fire Dragon Atlas Flame. It explains why Natsu recognised the voice, but I wonder why Natsu couldn’t exactly put his finger on who it was when he just met Atlas Flame recently. Anyway I was quite surprised, especially by the fact that one wizard froze the village, an Exorcist Mage who is a Devil Slayer. I wonder why I didn’t expect such a development to come about after knowing that God Slayers existed, of course they would be more types Slayers =P. At least now with the revelation of Devil Slayers, I know that they may in fact be many more types of other Slayers out there –  Giant Slayers, Spirit Slayers, Mage Slayers, etc.

Pretty badass how Natsu took on that demon bird and slammed it right into the fire altar with the partial lit Eternal Flame. Igniting the flame with his secret Dragon Slayer technique was beyond cool, I love how Natsu charges up his massive flame attacks. It is like he is sucking all the heat from the surrounding area right into his hands.

Fairy Tail chapter 352 - Natsu charging up his attack

Natsu’s Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade

Once Atlas Flame revealed the existence of the Devil Slayers, things started to make sense, especially why the ice surrounding the village was able to damage Doriarte. I do wonder how the Devil Slayers get their magic to be imbued with a quality that can damage Demons. If it is something that can be learned, Gray and the others may just in fact have to pick up a few pointers from this newly introduced Devil Slayer from Tartarus. I wonder if Tartarus has more Devil Slayers O.o.

Wendy’s Milky Way spell sure coming into good use now. So Atlas Flame wasn’t alive but his memory was what was bringing his spirit out. Cool how Flare was able to rekindle Atlas Flame’s memory and make him remember who he really was – Guardian Dragon of The Sun Village. The final piece of information he left Natsu about how Igneel failed to destroy “the most vile dark magic from the book of Zeref, E.N.D.” was very interesting. Just what is this E.N.D. or should I say who? Flare being brought to tears at the warmth of The Sun Village returning was great – she really is a kind girl! Hopefully we get more opportunities to in the future to have more dimensions of Flare’s character fleshed out.

Fairy Tail chapter 353 - The E.N.D.

Magic from the book of Zeref, the E.N.D.

Minerva, ah, there she goes again…I really do feel that she believes so much in her right to rule over others that she has become delusional into lying behind a perspective that makes her blind to how she is really being used by others. Minerva stated that she will be ‘the one corrupting the world in her darkness’, but is that really true? Does Minerva really have that emotionless and cold heart that what she really represents is darkness? I don’t think so, it may be what she believes, but there is a very apparent part of Minerva that makes you feel otherwise. Minerva is just acting so cold and evil to try to convince herself that she IS cold and evil, it makes you wonder who the Minerva behind this intensely guarded and closed off girl is. If Minerva was as evil as she says, she wouldn’t care so much about her conflict with Erza and would instead focus on corrupting any and everything in her “darkness”. Looking forward to seeing how Minerva’s character develops in the future.

Fairy Tail chapter 353 - Erza and Minerva

Minerva and her pursuit towards “darkness”

Back to the Devil Slayers, the one that has been introduced this chapter, Silver, he seems like a pretty cool character even though he is a member of Tartarus. The fact that his character already has a layer of mystery with him wanting to visit a grave despite being summoned to a meeting between the Kyuukimon makes his character even more interesting. I’m pretty confused that such a character is in Tartarus. Tartarus is the last corner of the Balam Alliance, a Dark Guild, so why does Silver seem so heroic? Are some dark guilds really not as “dark” as they are made out to be and just classed as such because they just do not meet the criteria of being a legal guild – follow rules laid out from the Magic Council. Since we know almost nothing about Tartarus, it is hard to figure out what type of dark guild they exactly are. As more Tartarus members are introduced, we will get a fuller picture of what the Tartarus guild is like. Looking forward to it =D.

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