One Piece Chapter 722 – The “Creators”

One Piece chapter 722 - The Tenryuubito

How kingdoms changed after the formation of the World Government

So that is how the Donquixote Family fit into the Tenryuubito…they were one of the twenty creators who established the World Government 800 years ago. Now I see why Doflamingo was able to pull off the stunt with the CP-0 and get the Tenryuubito to agree with it, because he is one of the Tenryuubito. So much for Doflamingo being just a mere pirate…but with the status Doflamingo has, it begs the question, why did he become a pirate? It was stated that Gol D Roger inspired Doflamingo, but what exactly is Doflamingo after now?

I see now why so much time was taken fleshing out the Luffy and Chinjao fight, because the underlying theme of “blood” has been worked into centrally to Rebecca’s story and the underlying conflict of Dressrosa. The disgust at which the spectators and the Colosseum fighters talk at Rebecca with is pretty sad to watch. The people of Dressrosa don’t even realise how badly they are being fooled to by Doflamingo, they all believe he is a saint and is the one taking Dressrosa into the future. In truth Doflamingo is destroying Dressrosa with his rules, lies and twisted games.

Cavendish, woah, I was not ready for that. I was under the impressive that Cavendish was a boring shallow egotistical bastard who didn’t have many redeeming features, but it turns out he has a quality to his personality that IS quite charming. Pretty much shaming the spectators for their shameful attitude towards someone willing to put their lives on the line for something they believe in, well said Cavendish! I’m curious to see how he fares in this Block battle.

Yay Violet is back! And wow Brook, hahah he sure played Jora ARTFULLY! And cracked a skull joke as well in the process! Poor Jora, I feel sorry that she was too trusting in art that a blind spot was created in countering her ability.

A shame that Caeser’s heart has been taken back and Law is currently bound, but I’m interested in knowing what more Doflamingo plans to share with Law. So the Nefertari Family were also one of the twenty creators who helped form the World Government 800 years ago. But unlike the other nineteen kings who chose to abdicate their thrones for Mariejois, the Nefertari king at the time chose to stay in Alabasta. Interesting to hear this and find out that 19 new kings for the respective kingdoms were elected and that one of new royal families created as a result was the Riku Family. Not sure how long the Donquixote Family ruled Dressrosa for before they headed for Mariejois, but the Riku Family has ruled for quite some time, almost 800 years.

Curious to find out who the other 18 countries that helped established the World Government were and who the new Royal Families created were. For some reason I have a sneaking suspicion that the family Wapol belongs to was one of the new Royal Families created as a result of the World Government forming =/. Wapol may be real arrogant and cruel as a king, but Wapol’s father seemed like a just king, so it is likely in the past that Wapol’s family were loved by their subjects. The Royal Family in Ilusia may also be one of the Royal Families that came to be when the former king moved to Mariejois. Looking forward to seeing how the of the Donquixote Family and the Riku Family story and conflict will play out and what role the Strawhats will have in it.



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