Naruto Chapter 648 – A Reason To Fight

Naruto chapter 648 - Reunion - colour by EMIxxiiSAN (

The first inaugural Kage meeting and the first step towards a future of peace – colour by EMIxxiiSAN

It is quite cool to see the scenes of the first inaugural Kage meeting and where this road towards peace initially began. From a time of strife, suffering, war and fear, differences were put aside and some middle-ground was attempted to be reached by the five main shinobi nations. The incentive for turning the Kages eyes towards the road of peace may have been power and financial gain, but overtime the concept of peace became more radiant within the respective nation leader’s hearts and became something more than just a background reason to associate with other nations but the future to strive towards. Hashirama may have acted like a fool in the eyes of other Kages in that meeting but what he stood for was something too bright for them to turn their heads away from.

Enjoyed seeing the two halves of Kurama collaborate once again. How powerful will their attacks be now that both the yin and yang chakra are channeled through Naruto. Also Sasuke, so that is how he is going to incorporate the Senjutsu chakra within his attacks, how interesting. I knew Juugo was able to use Natural Chakra, with not much control though, but to think he was able to transfer his natural chakra to Sasuke’s Susanoo, that was surprisingly cool. Sasuke and Juugo already have a compatible match chakra-wise as illustrated when Sasuke was able to bond with the cursed seal back in part I Naruto so easily, so it is no surprise that he is able to fuse Juugo’s chakra, which is the source of all the cursed seals, with his own chakra in Susanoo. The likeness Juugo also has for Sasuke adds to the naturalness of the two chakra’s combining. Plus we already seen Naruto share his chakra with others, so it is not that surprised that Juugo is able to do the same with his natural chakra.

Sasuke compared to being greater than Madara isn’t that outrageous. Both Naruto and Sasuke have already surpassed the Hashirama and Madara’s 15-year-old selves, so given time, it is the natural flow of things to assume that both Naruto and Sasuke would surpass Hashirama and Madara. What I am curious about is when Orochimaru stated that Sasuke’s abilities haven’t peaked. Just what will Sasuke’s peak be? How much more can Sasuke’s Sharingan do? Is there some special unique ability to his Sharingan which he will unlock in the future? Obito’s power-gap is getting smaller by the chapter, he really must be feeling the intensity Naruto and Sasuke are bringing.

It is interesting to see the first Kages and the currents ones, when you compare the values they hold “important”, it is vividly apparent that “shinobi” have been changing through the generations. It does seem like each Kage tries to pass on more of that which they seek desperately deep down in their heart then that which they outwardly show to the next generation of Kages (“that” being peace). It was also great to have all the shinobi on that battlefield witness the very first inaugural Kage meeting that took place to help them understand just what their nations fought for and what they should fight for now. All those reasonless shinobi now have a reason to fight and a reason to keep their resolve ablaze! This dream Hashirama held and wanted to see realized has now been taken in by every single shinobi on that battlefield. Madara and Obito have already closed themselves off that shinobi can change, but this very moment is testament that the shinobi can change, even if slowly and painfully.

Naruto chapter 648 - Hashirama's dream

The dream of a man so dedicated to the future of shinobi

The five current Kages are here!! Hell yes! We are about to see some fireworks ignite and I am excited! Just what role will the five Kages play and how will Naruto and Sasuke evolve their abilities to combat Obito and the Shinju? Also now that Naruto and Sasuke are out there, will Sakura step up as well? Or will it be Tsunade who reveals her expertise in the Shikkotsu Forest Senjutsu? Looking forward to the next chapter!

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