Bleach Chapter 550 – The Sternritter

Bleach chapter 550 - Bazz-B - colour by pollo1567 (

The man who prides himself with his flames, Bazz-B – colour by pollo1567

I was curious where the Sternritter stood power-wise compared to the current captains of the Gotei 13 and this chapter illustrated that quite comprehensively. I am quite glad these Sternritter members weren’t just written off as fodder to showcase how Toushirou and Soi Fong improved without their Bankai. Well that conclusion may arrive but what I am happy about is that these battles aren’t one-sided, both parties are given time to shine. If these two Sternritter members are this tough, it makes you wonder how tough the higher ranking members are O.o.

I love the conversation Nakk Le Vaar and Mayuri had, all those psychological mind battles going on were intense and were definitely my favourite part of the chapter =P. Funny eye stares and poker faces, those two guys mirrored their twisted selves ridiculously well, I couldn’t help but be moved at how dangerously sane they were. Also I was impressed at how Nakk Le Vaar analysed the situation and handled the encounter with Mayuri. I like him!

Bazz-B huh, so he has flames equaling the intensity that Yamamoto Genryuusai’s had? Well that was a surprise, and here I was thinking he was a chump and had some weak-sauce flame, but it turns out he is quite the serious guy. I wonder how proficient he is exactly at drawing out the intensity of his flames through his abilities =/.

BG9, woah, hahah what exactly is he? Some type of machine life form capable of insane analysis and calculation feats? The fact that he has stated that “I’ve never taken a breath” and given by how inhuman he looks, I’m really starting to lean towards the side that he is definitely not a human. He could be Yhwach’s [created] answer to the ‘unknown’ factor he deemed the Shinigami to possess when having their Bankai taken away. I’m really unsure what BG9 was on about when he told Soi Fong that her Eternal Shunkou provided him with an “extraordinary piece of data” =/. But clearly he found a weak point in Soi Fong’s Shunkou. I just wonder if what BG9 was really interested in was learning about Shunkou from Soi Fong so that if and when he meets Yoruichi, he has some data to work off when battling against her. I just hope if this is the case, Yoruichi wipes the flow with him with her badass Shunkou form =D.

Interesting that Toushirou got pierced by Bazz-B’s Burner Finger, but I doubt this is the end of the battle, what probably got pierced is most likely an ice clone of Toushirou. I am curious to see what else Toushirou has up his sleeve. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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