Naruto Chapter 647 – “I Won’t Let It All Go To Waste!!”

Naruto chapter 647 - He decided to move FORWARD - colour by i-azu (

He decided to move Forward – colour by i-azu

Reflecting and anguishing over moments in a life that uncontrollably replays itself over  and over within the mind, feelings of regret and sorrow reactionary begin to explode within the confines of the heart leaving behind scars that linger on emotionally. Those moments that cause us to lose spirit are the very moments that help support the courage we build up to tackle future moments. Naruto quite significantly expresses in this chapter how those moments in his life and all that he has endured have paved the path to the decision he has chosen to make. It was beautiful. I teared up and cried at the amazing journey Naruto has had up to this point and at the inspiring guts and determination he held continuously throughout those moments.

So the five Kages are on their way to the battlefield and should be arriving real soon! Hell yeah! I can’t wait to see them enter the fray and unleash. But wow did not expect Shikamaru to be one of the shinobi in such a serious condition after the Shinju leaching. Almost all of Katsu’s clones have been destroyed and not even Sakura fully believes she can save Shikamaru. Thankfully though Tsunade is near and so is Karin if things really get serious for Shikamaru.

Obito once again prattling on about his “dream world” and continuing his weightless talk about ‘resigning your fate’ and ‘no more needing to fear or resist death’. Does Obito REALLY know what the hell is talking about? Has he really lost all hope for living that he fully believes that salvation lies in this so-called “dream world” that seemingly is a construct of fiction and lost hope? Hell the world they are living in may very well be a genjutsu of sorts, but does Obito really believe all problems will end once this “dream world” comes into existence? Just because the current problems may very well disappear in that “dream world” it doesn’t mean that some other new and unique problems relative to the nature of that world won’t arise later =/.

Everything Obito believes is founded on such shaky and optimistic grounds I’m extremely surprised that he has the gall to call  Naruto the naive and foolish one when trying to change all that which Obito has resigned himself in trying to save. It’s laughable seeing just how much Obito has fallen and intensely frustrating…

Pretty cool that Orochimaru arrived on the battlefield, I’m curious to learn how much about the Shinobi history he knows because he does have a way of uncovering information others have tried desperately to bury or keep hidden. Still I wonder how much of the history printed on the Uchiha tablets are true, because at the end of the day, it is just a recollection of what someone printed on stone, it is not what ACTUALLY happened. For all we know something much more darker could have taken place in the past, something much more than what the tablets describe.

A fifteen minute timer huh, hahah now that we have a deadline time specified, these next fifteen minutes are going to be real intense and thrilling, I can’t wait! I wonder if the bijuu chakra can be separated from the Shinju in its current form =/. Well whatever is going to happen in these next fifteen minutes Sasuke has decided to up his game and put himself on the frontlines. His sudden move attacking one of the branches of the Shinju when almost everyone had resigned their fates was quite badass – actions really do speak louder than words at times.

I’m glad it was Sasuke that made a move when the shinobi were losing spirit, it illustrates that despite the problems he has had in the past, there is still some light, some will of fire left in Sasuke for him to react in such a way to the frustration he feels of being so outclassed by Naruto. I’ve been waiting for this, for this moment when Sasuke takes the decisions he makes into his own hands free of influences by outside sources i.e. Orochimaru, Tobi and even Itachi. Not many shinobi on that battlefield think much of Sasuke at the moment and that is why what Sasuke just did sent chills down my spine, it was unexpectedly cool how he made a crack in the suffocating aura of despair surrounding everyone there and nudged those bubbling emotions within Naruto towards a direction to release it.

Naruto chapter 647 - Naruto's decision 1 Naruto chapter 647 - Naruto's decision 2 Naruto chapter 647 - Naruto's decision 3 Naruto chapter 647 - Naruto's decision 4 Naruto chapter 647 - Naruto's decision 5
Naruto’s recollection of the moments in his life forging his belief and outlook on life, each and every one of those moments illustrating what Naruto had to endure and how it helped him grow and reach the place he is currently in to make the decision he just made, they were incredibly moving and brought me to tears. Naruto knew it back then, he had something in common with Sasuke, to an extent, he understood the “Sasuke” no one ever knew more then any other person, more then even Itachi (which is why Itachi left Sasuke to Naruto). He felt that Sasuke was the one person he could relate to and that he was the one person Sasuke may relate to. But all those times when he was shunned and scorned, feelings of doubt and fear crept in his mind shackling the very words he so wanted to say. He hesitated and left what he wanted to say go unheard. That moment may have very well changed everything that has happened. If those words were said, would Sasuke have felt so alone? Would Naruto’s presence have helped Sasuke reach for something other than vengeance? Would Naruto have become friends with Sasuke if Naruto had said what he wanted?

Sasuke was what drove Naruto back then. The rivalry Naruto felt he had with Sasuke was what gave Naruto a purpose and a reason to continue trying his hardest despite everyone directing only negativity towards him. Those feelings are the very feelings which helped save Naruto from losing himself to the crushing despair and this is why Naruto has continuously without hesitation ALWAYS cherished the relationship he felt he had with Sasuke. Even after Sasuke left Konoha and became a wanted criminal, Naruto refused to discard the feelings he had towards Sasuke because it was those exact feelings that helped support him when he felt lost. It was the rivalry he had with Sasuke that helped Naruto see what he really could be and this is why Naruto wanted to save Sasuke, just like how Sasuke saved him.  That beginning and all those sorrowful moments he had to endure saying goodbye to many loved ones, all of that helped him grow and became pillars supporting the decisions he now makes. He won’t look back on what might have been, he won’t regret what he has done because in this moment he has chosen to give everything he has to move forward! It’s beautiful, it’s spectacular, it’s moving, it’s something we have all come to love about Naruto. You are amazing Naruto and I am glad everyone got to witness part of the life you had to live and share in the feelings embodying your heart.

Sasuke cracked the aura of despair and Naruto smashed it to pieces. Breaking the spirit of the shinobi won’t be that easy Obito. Get ready because you are about to be schooled in how one never gives up.

The same feelings Naruto is feeling can also be translated to Hinata. There are moments in her past she regrets a lot, one of which is not telling Naruto how grateful she was of how he inspired her. Naruto’s presence in Konoha was what helped change Hinata and the desire to stand beside Naruto was what drove her to continually improving herself and her jutsu. Hinata understands completely what Naruto is feeling at this moment and I hope she gets more opportunity to show that off this arc.

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Naruto and Sasuke take on Obito and the Shinju together =D.

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