Bleach Chapter 549 – Overcoming The Handicap [Part II]

Bleach chapter 549 - Soi Fong and BG9 - colour by DEOHVI (

Soi Fong and BG9 – colour by DEOHVI

Well that was insanely cool, I had forgotten that Soi Fong had Shunkou up her sleeve. So she had mastered it after her battle with Yoruichi and spent the time after her Bankai was stolen refining all the inconsistencies and inefficiencies with it out huh? Badass. Things just got a lot more exciting now with Soi Fong utilizing Shunko against these mysterious Quincy who have prepared for these battles for a REALLY long time. I’m curious to see what the Quincy have up their sleeves to deal with the Gotei 13.

Oh Omaeda, it didn’t take you long to shift back into your pitiful humouress self but at least you manage to regain some of your coolness before Soi Fong showed up. Mareyo, wow is she still alive? Stern Ritter “K”, BG9 sure did brutally impale her, I hope she doesn’t die because that would just be sad. When it comes to family, Omaeda can be quite badass, love how he through caution to the wind and just gave his all against BG9 after he saw what BG9 did to Mareyo. Anyway BG9 has some really long arms or whatever those things are, is he or she even made of flesh? I am intrigued, looking forward to seeing how the battle unfolds.

I love the entrance by Soi Fong when she saved Omaeda and appeared with a deliciously cool smirk on her face. Ninja Shinigami, lets go! Lets see what you have in your Shunkou bag-of-tricks Soi Fong. Not sure why Soi Fong decided to reveal a bit more then necessary information concerning her Shunkou, but whatever, it was great seeing Soi Fong’s Eternal Shunkou and the damage is deals.

Just as I expected Bazz-B which Toushirou impaled didn’t seem very phased by it at the end of this chapter. I wonder how withstood the damage from Toushirou’s attack and how does he plan to deal with the Toushirou and Rangiku combination attack? The same goes for BG9 facing Soi Fong, what exactly happened to him? And what else has he hidden under his cape? Looking forward to seeing how these fights develop and how the rest of the battles raging on around Seireitei have erupted.

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