Fairy Tail Chapter 351 – The Formless Flame

Fairy Tail chapter 351 - Things Will Be Well - by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

With Fairy Tail’s reputation on the line, Natsu resolves to save the Sun Village – by IITheYahikoDarkII

Interesting, so the Eternal Flame seemingly disappeared when Grey “melted” the surrounding ice by molding it into something less constricting. I say seemingly disappeared because it can’t currently be seen by any of the characters. For all we know the Eternal Flame may not even be a Flame, given how many of its characteristics while matching a Flame are so unlike one, the Flame’s form could be something entirely different then a Fame. Wendy has obviously felt something disturbingly wrong with what just happened.

The fact that this ‘voice’ Natsu has been hearing is associated with the Flame makes me curious as to whether the Flame is something more alive then just a flame. There is the possibility that the Eternal Flame could have changed forms or could the Eternal Flame have melded with some other consciousness effectively giving it life? Based on Wendy’s reaction at the end, she seems to feel something incredibly foreboding after these sudden turn of events, I’m real curious as to what the cause behind that reaction is attributed to.

Pretty cool how Natsu handled the situation when he found out about Flare’s circumstances. He does have reason to be mad at Flare, which Flare was expecting, but after looking Flare in the eyes and seeing that she herself really has changed, he let the history about how she abused Lucy during the Grand Magic Tournament slide. He even went further and expressed compassionately and friendly how the current situation must be pretty tough for Flare.

All these small developments concerning the reactions of Fairy Tail members as they come to find out about the true Flare does seem to be building up to something. Flare has already expressed that she isn’t very experienced with the world outside the Sun Village, but with each friendly embrace she receives verbally by the Fairy Tail members, the more she feels secure and comfortable with herself. Currently when in the presence of strangers she clasp her hands together and holds it close to her chest as if to make herself take as less space around her as possible which signifies her shy and insecure self. I’m really excited to see Flare grow as she becomes more confident and happy about herself and I believe Fairy Tail is the perfect place for her transformation to take place.

I was expecting to learn what exactly happened to Doriarte when that one-eyed flying bird/demon swallowed him, but I guess that development is saved for a later time. It was amusing how Gray brought it straight to Natsu and Co. – Natsu and Lucy’s reactions were hilarious. Also as cheesy as Natsu and Gray’s tag-out/in was, it was quite cool. Natsu vs Demon bird, oh yes please.

Gray on the other hand is becoming quite skilled at utilising his Ice Make molding magic on external magic sources. I’m surprised after just trying it out once he is able to handle such a massive amount of external ice. It may very well be some property within this mysterious ice which allows him to perform this type of molding magic, which gets me even more curious about this ice, but nonetheless it is very impressive that Gray is capable of doing something like this now.

Fairy Tail chapter 351 - The disappearing flame

What exactly is the Eternal Flame?

Looking forward to the next chapter titled “The Flame’s Voice” and finding out just what this uneasy feeling overwhelming Wendy is about.

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