Naruto Chapter 646 – The Origins Of Chakra

Naruto chapter 646 - Madara - by i-azu (

Madara’s desperation behind his Infinite Tsukiyomi plan – by i-azu

So that is the final form of the Juubi…just wow, I did not expect that. To think the Juubi had such relevance to the story of Naruto is quite surprising and intense. Things just got serious with the appearance of the “Shinju”  also known as “The Tree of Gods”. I had thought that the Juubi represented something important but to think that it literally was the origins of all chakra, that is quite shocking. The dots are finally starting to connect; the Rikudou Sennin, the shinobi, the Juubi, the tailed beast, the desperation in war, the abrupt change in Madara when learned of the truth behind shinobi. With this chapter, a lot of the unclear developments within the story have started to make more sense now.

Quite the sight to see such a massive tree spawn from the Juubi and start leaching the life from every shinobi within its reach. I’m glad Madara felt like sharing some of the world history because the origins of shinobi was truly shocking. So the Shinju contained massive amounts of chakra within its existence and while man continuously waged war over forgettable reasons, the Shinju remained the object of worship for many. The fruit it bore one day contained the purity of its chakra and was consumed by a princess who desired to put an end to the constant conflict. Subsequently after consuming it, the princess, Ootsutsuki Kaguya, was bestowed with powers equating that of the Gods.

Kaguya was able end all conflicts singlehandedly and became the first person to wield chakra. Her son, Ootsutsuki Bagoromo, was born with the same power and later became known as the Rikudou Sennin. To think that it was the Shinju which changed into the Juubi form in order to get back the chakra it had lost back, it really is an exciting shock. It could explain why the bijuu weren’t able to be killed and resurrected at some point later after their host died. But wow the full chakra the Juubi wielded was immense, what we’ve seen so far of it through the bijuu has only been a fraction of it. Just how much power did the Shinju wield before it grew its millennia fruit and had a portion of its chakra taken from it? And why did it even grow a fruit if it didn’t want its chakra taken from it?

That story does help to flesh out Madara’s reasons for his current actions and give more substance to it by expressing mans continual desire for conflict and suffering. If obtaining a power equal to that of a god was unable to put an end to war permanently, then trying to do the very same thing now would be unsuccessful. So in the end, ending the very reality man lived in was the decision Madara came up with to stop the conflict and suffering. I’m curious to find out what else the Uchiha tablets had written on them and I wonder if Orochimaru had any idea about this history of shinobi.

Naruto chapter 646 - The origins of chakra part 1 Naruto chapter 646 - The origins of chakra part 2 Naruto chapter 646 - The origins of chakra part 3

The Infinite Tsukiyomi about to be activated as soon as the flower blooms. Along side it reverting back into its true state, the Shinju also regained the ability to suck chakra, that formed within itself, from other objects such as humans. Naruto ends up caught in the Shinju’s grasp but thanks to a badass re-entrance by Hiruzen, Naruto was saved.

Also I’ve been wondering but wasn’t the Juubi’s body sealed inside the moon? And wasn’t the moon formed by the Chibaku Tensei jutsu performed by the Rikudou Sennin? Now that the Juubi’s body has been summoned out of the moon and has reverted back into the Shinju, is the moon even needed anymore? What I am getting is that before the Chibaku Tensei created the moon, what was in the sky before than? Was another moon in the sky? If the world existed without a moon before does it really need a moon now? It could be possible if the Shinju becomes too strong to defeat that Naruto and Co. could just try to destroy the moon to prevent from Infinite Tsukiyomi genjutsu from even working. With no moon in the sky, there will be nothing left to reflect the eye within the Shinju flower back into the people’s eyes on the world’s surface.

Once Madara and Obito’s plans have been foiled there will only be the matter of taming the Shinju which seems to be heading down the path of going berserk again. This will be a great opportunity for both Naruto and Sasuke to coordinate together and bring it under control.

Also this appearance of the Juubi’s final form, the Shinju, has created a very nice set-up for the five Kages to show up and take the spotlight for a bit =). Very much looking forward to the next 21 page chapter coming out.

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