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Bleach Chapter 548 – Overcoming The Handicap

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Bleach chapter 548 - Growl Haineko - by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

The results of Toushirou and Rangiku’s training – by i-azu

So that’s how Toushirou went about overcoming his inability to release his Bankai now. Quite creative and unexpected to see Rangiku’s Haineko utilised in such a way to strengthen the ice. I’ve yet to wrap my head fully around what exactly Toushirou did but I kind of get the general idea of what he accomplished by creating multiple layers of thin ice in the walls. Going to be incredibly cool to see Toushirou and Rangiku battle alongside each other coordinating their zanpakutou abilities together.

I admit it was very cute to see Toushirou rely on Rangiku and ask for assistance in the battle. Hopefully alongside Toushirou, Rangiku gets several opportunities to shine and showcase the results of her training and the effects Gin’s death had on her and her resolve. Toushirou being in an unusual situation which he is not used to can also have the effect of fleshing out his character in a very interesting manner as he begins to rely more on Rangiku and others. Also with him in the current state he is in, he has to keep in mind the potential reactions of each of his actions. Forced to rely on his wit and other people, Toushirou may very well be molded into an even finer Captain by the end of this arc.

Bleach chapter 548 - Multiple Vacuum Layered Ice Wall

The Multiple Vacuum Layered Ice Wall – interesting

I doubt Stern Ritter “H” is down for the count with that attack by Toushirou but it was nice to see Toushirou capable of such attacks despite not having his Bankai. If the fight does go on longer, it is going to be great to see more team work by Toushirou and Rangiku.

Also throughout the fight I couldn’t help but be thrown back to the fight Toushirou had with Harribel and think how awesome it would be if she was able to be brought into the focus at some point and coordinate alongside Toushirou. Harribel would be able to provide the water for Toushirou to freeze which he would then be able to utilise offensively and/or defensively. Water and ice compliment each other beautifully so it really is something that I intensely hope will happen =).

Nice to see Omaeda getting some coverage and in particular the heroic side of himself. He mainly served as a humour tool through Bleach and while he may still have that role, it was nice to see him being the older protective brother to his little sister and pissed off when the Quincy who stole Soi Fong’s Bankai showed up in his house. Omaeda may just end up getting carved up by that Quincy but I am ready to be surprised and whelmed!

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