One Piece Chapter 720 – For Those We Love

One Piece chapter 720 - Bartolomeos fanboyism of Luffy

Well understandable, we all fell in love with Luffy after that as well

That sure was one eventful chapter. I’m still getting over the past of Don Chinjao’s because I’m still laughing at what happened to him at the end of last chapter. The revelation of Bartolomeo’s interest in Luffy didn’t help the situation at all, in fact I’m finding it incredibly hard to stop laughing now because once again it blind-sided me in how extreme and ridiculously hilarious One Piece can be. Bartolomeo a Strawhat fanboy? Oh dear goodness, I expected it to be revealed that he admired Luffy but a complete fanboy, I am contently stunned and amused. Well played Oda-sensei.

Cavendish being the envious man that he is can’t stand to see someone else beside him shine, so once again he graces the readers with his annoyance. Poor Luffy having to deal with such a petty man, I also feel sorry for the woman infatuated with him, such a shame. Anyway I’m glad Cavendish did that because we got to see the true colours of Bartolomeo, the colours of one extreme fanboy who decided to become a pirate because of Luffy and his grand accomplishments as a pirate across the Grandline.

I was expecting Bartolomeo’s relevance to Luffy to be something more serious, but nope, Bartolomeo witnessed the fearlessness of Luffy in the face of death at Loguetown when Buggy wanted to execute Luffy, and since then Bartolomeo has been a super Strawhat fanboy. Seeing Bartolomeo buckle at the knees so badly when in the presence of Luffy is priceless, I can’t even begin to rationalise such characteristics within the brutal badass Bartolomeo has shown us so far. Oh goodness, those fangirl like reactions when Luffy is involved in something, whatever Oda has been smoking, he has been smoking it in large doses and it must be some good stuff because even I am feeling the effects of this. My mind is just drawing blank and I can’t help but stare smiling at the page with Bartolomeo’s embarrassed and shy face…

One Piece chapter 720 - Bartolomeo the fangirl

Oh dear goodness…

Incoming a ton of Luffy x Bartolomeo doujinshi.

Chinjao, glad to see him with a grateful look on his face towards Luffy, but dam, that bow, it SPLIT THE WHOLE FLOOR. Talk about really using your HEAD! Chinjao takes that saying to whole ‘nother level. I was surprised by the thought of Chinjao intending to put the Happou Navy under Luffy’s command. I wanted such a development to happen that I didn’t think it would happen, but I’m glad the alliance between the Strawhats and the Happu Navy has been made. The likelihood of the Flower Country getting some further coverage in the story of One Piece has become something quite likely now.

Blackbeard, I wonder what he was on about with Burgess concerning Aokiji. Will Aokiji have a role to play this Dressrosa arc? Sounds like something to look forward to. Sad that Blackbeard is still underestimating Luffy (along with DoflamingoMango), because as strong as Burgess and the Donquixite Family are, Luffy is much much more determined, driven and capable.

Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi up for grabs now in a sense represents a second chance for Luffy to save Ace, well not exactly but to an extent it holds to that meaning. Luffy failed to save Ace two years ago and this time after having trained for two full years making sure what happened two years ago never happens again has prepared Luffy to fully tackle the challenges he is about to face in Dressrosa and within the New World. Chinjao underestimated Luffy already and we all seen how badly he got owned – he lost ALL and any resentment towards Garp! Blackbeard will not get his way this time! He will realise what a big mistake he made two years ago when he made Luffy his enemy.

Rebecca, nice we are getting some more coverage on her and having her character fleshed out with the revelation of the gladiator prisoners and Doflamingo turning the respectable gladiator fights into battles of death. Doflamingo sure has been turning Dressrosa in one extreme country that shamefully hides its cruelty within the shadows. The fun and creative front which Dressrosa had has all but faded now, the real Dressrosa, one full of torment, cruelty and unhappiness has revealed itself. The similarities between Doflamingo and the Tenryuubito sure are becoming dangerously close.

One Piece chapter 720 - Rebecca's tears

Based on what Rebecca was willing to do, she feels passionate about following through with this feeling

I’m curious to learn more about Rebecca and this burdened side of her she had revealed this chapter. What exactly happened in the past to make her feel that way and what exactly is Soldier-san to her? The curtain has been opened and stage has been revealed, what will Luffy do now? With another reason to crush Doflamingo will we finally get to see Luffy serious? Looking forward to the coming chapters =D.

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