Naruto Chapter 645 – Unification

Naruto chapter 645 - Sage Kyuubi Mode - by i-azu (

Naruto’s Sage Bijuu Mode – colour by i-azu

Amazing chapter once again. This time we get to see the silly sides of Naruto and Kurama interacting with one another as they both begin to open their stubborn hearts up to each other. This is probably a first for Kurama, having someone interact with him in a manner devoid of any resentment, fear and negativity and I guess this is the exact reason why Kurama opened up to Naruto and why he was able to get over his angry self burdened by centuries of ill-will of negativity.

Kurama has been described as a natural disaster, a demon fox, a beast whose power could allow the user to control the world. But Kurama is more like a mirror reflecting the emotions associated with it; when people feared it, scorned it, rejected it, sought to control it, Kurama reacted in kind and became something to fear, to scorn, to reject, to want to control. Then Naruto showed up, a boy regularly associated with the label of “idiot” and “fool”. Naruto did what many others chose not to, he chose to look beyond all the negativity associated with Kurama, and instead try to explore the feelings he felt whenever Kurama reacted with him. It was through those confrontative times that Naruto and Kurama came to understand each other and realise just how similar they are to one another. Kurama has known Naruto for his whole life and Naruto has come to understand the pain Kurama had to endure being subject to the same pain, the same fear, the same scorn, the same rejection. Through their unified journeys, they had reached a state of acceptance and understanding which has now allowed their stubborn hearts to put aside their egos. The result of such a unification, the Sage Bijuu Mode!

Naruto chapter 645 - The will of another - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

The will of another – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

I’m really glad Kishimoto-sensei took some time to focus on the nostalgic feelings Minato was feeling. I was concerned that Minato hasn’t been showcased as his complete badass self from flashbacks with him now being played emotionally by Obito’s taunts, but with the connection made to Kushina’s presence it has become such an exciting and deep development. Kushina’s presence strengthened Minato, she became a “sun” to him which made him believe fully in himself. Through the impossible and through the insane, Minato was able to rise above all those situations because she was there. Even now in this moment he is feeling vulnerable; doubting himself, questioning his past actions, and hesitating in what to do, all those walls in front of Minato have been shattered with the feeling of Kushina being with him. Kushina most likely also felt the same way, seeing Minato as her “sun”. It feels so good to see just how great Minato and Kushina were as a couple, strengthening each other by being each others “suns” and loving each other so much. Also I’m glad we are getting to see Kushina through Naruto, as expected Kushina really was a badass too =D.

The interpretation of that scene can be stretched further and into the context of Naruto and to the person who helped him rise above his vulnerabilities and doubts. We have seen Naruto in a panicked stated before just after Neji died and the person who has helped Naruto overcome his doubts and hesitations was Hinata. She brought Naruto back from his fears and helped to ignite the current fire in Naruto causing him and his presence to inspire everyone else on the battlefield, including his father. It may mean nothing interpreting the current content within this chapter this way but Hinata has been shown to be a potential “sun” to Naruto. Hopefully we get to see more of the Naruto and Hinata relationship develop.

Sasuke, so is he finally ready to let his stubborn heart accept what he has been feeling since long ago and what he is currently seeing? Will he finally let go of that superiority complex he holds over Naruto within his mind? Sasuke has potential equal to that of Naruto, he has shown that time and time again but the one thing holding him back was himself. Rather then carry himself with the belief behind his power, he has carried himself with the strength behind his power. Sasuke sought power, he abandoned himself for power, it had started to consume him but then Itachi’s brotherly love and the extent of how deep it ran overpowered the notions of power. Sasuke began to realise the gaps in his logic and began to question what the purpose behind his actions really were. Will Sasuke finally let go? Will he finally realise that there doesn’t have to be a winner and loser between Naruto and him because thanks to Itachi, he has already realised something way beyond winning and losing. Rather then think about what he should do, Sasuke should just act, because in those moments are the moments he shines brightest – like when he protected Naruto against Haku and when he protected Juugo, Suigetsu and Karen against Killer Bee. Sasuke is actually more heroic then he realises.

Obito, so he releases the Infinite Tsukiyomi, fantastic. Someones feeling the chill from the counter-attack going on by Naruto, Minato, Kurama and Tobirama, hahah. Looks like Naruto and Co. are pressuring Obito quite intensely for him to force the plan into action already. I’m curious to see what effect not having the two major components of the Jyuubi chakra, the Hachibi and the Kyuubi will make on the effect of the Infinite Tsukiyomi. Sure the Jyuubi had parts of the Hachibi and Kyuubi chakra, but that represents barely a fraction of the true power the Hachibi and Kyuubi boast, surely there must be some weak points exposing itself within the jutsu because of this. Hopefully we get to see this soon coupled with the shocked expressions by Obito and Madara.

Also still waiting to see how the five current Kages will be brought back into the fray, ah it is going to be so exciting.

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