Bleach Chapter 547 – The Shadow Of Seireitei

Bleach chapter 547 - Rangiku and Toushirou - colour by DEOHVI ( and i-azu (

Rangiku and Toushirou – colour by DEOHVI and i-azu

So that is how the Quincy and Shinigami worlds are connected, what an interesting explanation. To think that two realities are existing within one space, it is a hard explanation to wrap logic around but the use of the “shadow” comparison does help to express just how the two worlds are connected. I’m curious to see how much each of the two realities overlap with each other in that dimension. How exactly did the Quincy come about finding this so called “shadow” world of Seireitei and how exactly does it work when you intend to connect to the Seireitei reality.

Very cool return by Kubo-sensei who set up the Shingami as being in a very precarious position in which they had no chance to defend against the invasion by the Quincy. It all comes down to the situational battles between Quincy and Shinigami to see just how this thousand year blood war will end. Well hopefully it will include more then just Shinigami and Quincy, in particular I’m hoping some Arrancar get some action this final arc – Nel, Grimmjaw and hopefully Harribel. Looking forward to seeing how this arc is going to develop from now on, the Quincy have surprisingly become dangerously formidable opponents. Their thousand year blood war grudge sure is not to be taken lightly.

Nice to see the Shinigami in such a panic and some unusual few take the flow of the situation back into there hands – yes I am talking about Mayuri, what the hell happened to Nemu and him, their outfits look…strange =/. I suppose that is the result of their counter to the Quincy shadow world. Will be great to see the counter measures Mayuri has in place against the Quincy and how he can utilise those measures to expose more vulnerabilities within the Quincy who believe their powers are virtually unlimited within the reishi saturated Seireitei.

I am surprised to see Toshirou show up, I wasn’t expecting him to show up this soon but I’m glad he did. Looking forward to see what Toshirou and Rangiku have up their sleeves against these Quincy who are able to steal and utilise the stolen Bankai. The fact that Toshirou seems to have formed an ice barrier is interesting especially when Hyourinmaru was stolen from him in the previous invasion. Does some residual presence of Hyourinmaru still exist inside Toshirou or is there some limitation to the Quincy Bankai stealing talisman?

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how intense the situation within Seireitei can get and the happenings around Inoue, Sado and Ichigo. Oh yeah, lets not forget Zaraki as well, what has been happening with him during the progression of these other events, will be extremely interesting to see how his role within this arc develops.

Bleach chapter 547 - Kurosaki Ichigo and the tousand year blood war

Love this colour spread. Great work Kubo-sensei!

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