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One Piece Chapter 720 – For Those We Love

That sure was one eventful chapter. I’m still getting over the past of Don Chinjao’s because I’m still laughing at what happened to him at the end of last chapter. The revelation of Bartolomeo’s interest in Luffy didn’t help the … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 645 – Unification

Amazing chapter once again. This time we get to see the silly sides of Naruto and Kurama interacting with one another as they both begin to open their stubborn hearts up to each other. This is probably a first for … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 547 – The Shadow Of Seireitei

So that is how the Quincy and Shinigami worlds are connected, what an interesting explanation. To think that two realities are existing within one space, it is a hard explanation to wrap logic around but the use of the “shadow” … Continue reading

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