Fairy Tail Chapter 349 – Unleashing The Demon

Fairy Tail chapter 349 - The demon Doriarte

I still can’t get past that power button on his forehead, will pushing it turn him off? O.o

Great chapter. Loved how more connections between the changing times and Zeref’s presence is being conveyed through the arc. A demon huh, good to finally to see another one appear in the manga. Is Doriarte connected to Zeref or was Zeref’s appearance just the development needed for the demons to make their move? What ever it is, this dark guild known as Succubus Eye is definitely not normal, especially when they have a demon said to be straight out of the magic book of Zeref within their guild

Enjoyed how Gray utilised his minimalistic magic power strategically to his advantage to offset and counter-attack Doriarte. Gray wasn’t packing an punches offensively but in the end managed to pull Doriarte into his pace and cause Doriarte to emotionally snap into a rage. Hahah well played Gray.

Fairy Tail chapter 349 - Minerva's Superiority Complex

Some superiority complex Minerva has O.o

Sad again to see Minerva act more superior then before and demand Erza to degrade herself in front of Minerva for her entertainment and pleasure. If Minerva did know Erza she would realise that such a taunt and pleasure-seeking request would have no effect on Erza. The fact that Minerva still doesn’t know Erza even after they faced each other before (passionately), speaks volumes to how Minerva still doesn’t know herself. Does Minerva truly know what she is seeking and why she is following the path she is following?

Well I don’t either, but I would loved to know more about Minerva and the reasons behind her actions. Minerva’s character and history feel so interesting, the language which she speaks seems ancient (the archaic, old form of Japanese used in her dialogue) and potentially relevant to the future story of Fairy Tail. The fact that Minerva’s magic is such a powerful one that displays qualities of being quite ancient only adds to the intrigue of her character. Erza did question Minerva’s motives and did state that it was not too late for her to escape the darkness, this signifies even Erza believing Minerva can be changed.

I still believe strongly that Minerva’s whole psyche has been shaped by her childhood which seems to have been something strict, emotionless, narrow-minded and void of freedom of thought. Just by the way she behaves and acts towards wanting to feel and be superior you can tell that she is bound by these chains of  superiority that are preventing her seeing a much larger picture of the world. Minerva most likely grew up with the thought that she WILL automatically be respected, honored, loved, feared, endeared, therefore when she was challenged and thrown into a world outside of the one she was grown up learning about, she was left confused and uncertain about what to do. Minerva didn’t have anybody with her to tell her how she should act and react from the feelings she was being consumed by, so ultimately she reverted back to what she knew and that was to continue being superior and having anyone who didn’t contort to her ways to be forced to contort to such ways – thus her wanting to break Erza. If Minerva had some idea or help with how to behave in those confusing and uncertain situations, which she will now most likely be thrown into more often, she could start to change. Look at Flare, she was unsure how the world functioned when she left the Sun Village and subsequently joined Raven Tail. But it turned out that Flare is an incredibly compassionate and kind woman. I don’t see why Minerva’s character after being shown some compassion and kindness can’t start to open herself up to these aspects of life she was initially closed off to. Erza is a fitting character for this role because on top of already having fought Minerva before, she knows just how valuable friends can be and how being consumed by emotions can feel.

Fairy Tail chapter 349 - Erza and Minerva's missing garments

Ooh la la, those stripes…

So glad Minerva is still sporting those stripped underwear. Such cute underwear being worn by such a cold and brutal woman is something that just doesn’t add up but it may just express that within that sinister and villainous exterior, there lies a vulnerable and loving girl. It’s the second time we seen Minerva in stripped underwear so she must really love them, and I support her continuing to wear them because they are sexy.

Anyway, Doriarte entered a rage session and this ultimately broke his concentration in keeping Erza, Natsu and Gray under his retrogression magic so they are now back to normal and ready to dish out some just desserts. Looking forward to next chapter and learning more about demons and hopefully more about the dark guild Succubus Eye.

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