One Piece Chapter 719 – The Return Of “The Drill”

One Piece chapter 719 - Luffy's Thor Elephant Gun

Chinjao…I can’t help but feel both sorry and happy for you in this moment…

I can’t believe I just read what I read…hahah, I’m cracking up recalling the contents of the chapter and trying to figure out what to write but that conclusion to the fight, it has me laughing so hard. Seriously I don’t think anyone, ANYONE could have predicted what happened to have happened before they actually read what was happening.

“The Drill” moniker referring to an actual characteristic of Chinjao’s was quite extreme, especially when he looked so weird and comical as a character thirty years ago. But amusingly that very feature was the reason why his headbutts were so devastating and destructive – the concentrated force of all his focus on the tip of his head. Anyway the seriousness I had associated with Chinjao’s character became lost when I read the flashback. Chinjao was just a one-trick-ponydrill pirate and when he lost his ability to focus his power in a very concentrated area, he crumbled to pieces. When you see such a sensitive and pitiful pirate you can’t really start to take them seriously after. Sure he used to take a ton of Garp’s punches with his head before, if what he said is true, but in the end he still got beat and lost all will to even attempt to adapt to his new form. Instead he just settled for cursing Garp and taking out his anger towards Garp’s grandchild. Chinjao really is pitiful and he wonders why Garp managed to crush him and his dreams with just one punch. Garp unlike Chinjao never lost belief and confidence in himself and his fist. Even if a punch didn’t work one time, he punched harder the next time and harder the punch after that, continuously improving.

One Piece chapter 719 - Garp vs Chinjao

Way to go Garp, he looks much better without that “drill”

By the time the flashback ended and Chinjao mentioned his will was crushed that day, I resigned any serious and epic notions I had of Chinjao and hoped intensely from that page on that Luffy just crushes this character who has now become one of the comical characters of One Piece. The worse part of this development was that while the flashback and presentation of the chapter was amusing and comical, it left Chinjao’s character seriously tainted by the hands of humor. I just wonder if Chinjao will be able to climb the mountain of importance, like Buggy, if his character does become a recurring one within One Piece, which I believe he will.

Completely hilarious how Luffy managed to both annihilate Chinjao and undo what his grandfather had done to Chinjao’s head with just one punch. I was not expecting that, not even close to expecting that. I was shocked. I was stunned. I was left completely amused. Hahahah now I remember why One Piece has become such a fun manga to read, the ridiculous and unexpected developments that happened are just so ridiculous and unexpected that it is awesome.

Chinjao falling head first and splitting the stadium floor in two, that just added to the humor and it was a badass way to conclude the fight. Chinjao got his “drill” back! – that statement can be so taken out of context O.o. Well at least now with his “drill” back, Chinjao really won’t have anything against Luffy and should be thanking him instead. Possibly a future alliance between these characters and some coverage and expansion on the Flower Country (Kano Kuni). Would be cool to have some expansion on the Hasshoken – it’s a cool ability.

One Piece chapter 719 - Luffy the winner of C Block

I guess this proves Luffy IS ready for the New World

Glad Luffy won. It was an expected result but the development to Chinjao was something completely unexpected, so I don’t mind that it took several chapters to get to this point. The amusement I feel was worth the wait =D.

Wonder if Bartolomeo really is trying to kill Luffy, he has just been shown to state that Cavendish wouldn’t be able to kill Luffy. Bellamy seems to be struggling to come to decision as to what to do, hopefully he does the right thing and screws Doflamingo over, because Mango really does deserve that. Burgess, hahah so now he knows as well? Things are about to become even more crazy now, lets hope the D Block finishes quickly and Rebecca is on top at the end =D. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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