Naruto Chapter 644 – Beyond Words

Naruto Chapter 644 - Taijitu of Kurama, Minato and Naruto

A Taijitu represented by Kurama, Minato and Naruto – badass

That Taijitu symbol of the yin and yang chakra represented by the two halves of Kurama and connectors being Naruto, Minato and two Kurama’s fist-bumping, what a magnificent illustration, LOVE it! The deepening understanding of father and son was also something emotionally touching to see and feel this chapter. Regardless of the regret and remorse Minato feels for having put Naruto through the past he has been through, Naruto has already come to understand the feelings beyond words his parents, Minato and Kushina wanted to convey to him. It was great when Naruto told his father how he already knows everything his mother and father wanted to tell him =).

Naruto managing to link with Minato and connect him to all the other shinobi on the battlefield with his chakra was badass. Obito so got owned there, yeah keep rambling your shallow and meaningless “disappear”, “nothing is worth salvaging”, “the world must end” blah blah blah fluff, your words are so weightless and eye-rolling inducing.

Interesting that Sasuke had a way to escape the barrier and avoid the explosion if he was forced to use, but I suppose he did something similar when he escaped Diedara’s self-explosion. I’m anxious to see what Sasuke is going to do when he becomes the focus of the battle, especially since he has been completely oblivious of what has been happening so far concerning the techniques, abilities and plans Naruto has been using.

I find it hilarious that Obito, who used to troll everyone as Tobi with his Kamui teleportation jutsu and forbidden Sharingan jutsu is the one now getting trolled by the Hiraishin no Jutsu which Minato and Tobirama have been using extremely effectively. Once again Obito, just take it!

Naruto Chapter 644 - The Hiraishin no Jutsu

Oh Naruto, you are awesome

When Tobirama explained how the Hiraishin no Jutsu worked in a similar fashion to the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu with Naruto linking the whole of the Shinobi Alliance currently on that battlefield with his chakra, I laughed when Naruto replied “eh? That’s how it works?!” The fact that Naruto continued on to comment on Tobirama’s excessive knowledge of his signature jutsu, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, that was gold. Leave it to Naruto to brighten the mode with his amusing and lovable personality =D. I guess now we know it was Tobirama who also developed the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. I now wonder what other jutsu Tobirama had a hand in crafting or developing.

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what Obito will do. Also interested in finding out if Orochimaru will have more of a role to play this arc and when exactly the five Kages will show up on the battlefield.

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