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One Piece Chapter 718 – The Land Of Dwarves

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One Piece chapter 718 - Tontatta Airport

One Piece makes bugs look so cute

That was creatively delicious, to think the dwarves have their own airport and all those other modes of transport, how awesome – those Linear Foxes are cute especially with those hats =P. Surprised to hear from the Tonta leader, Gancho, that the conflict between the Tontatta Tribe and the Donquixote family started 900 years ago, which more then likely is related to the story of the Void Century =/. The mystery of Doflamingo and the Donquixote family deepens further O.o. And how exciting, the Strawhats are in a massive pickle of a situation, looking forward to seeing how they will get themselves out of it.

With the revelation that the conflict between the Tontatta tribe and the Donquixote family existed during the Void Century, the likelihood of Doflamingo being connected the Tenryuubito increases dramatically. The Donquixote family could have very well been one of the parties back during the Void Century who helped establish the World Government. Before this arc I honestly was no expecting Doflamingo to have such a relevant importance to the story of One Piece, one linking back to the Void Century and the core of One Piece. Very curious to see what shape this mystery surrounding Doflamingo will take.

Seems the majority of the Strawhats converging at the Flower Fields. Amusing how Zoro totally forgot about the Thousand Sunny when he reached the Flower Fields and saw Luffy facing off against Chinjao on the Den Den Mushi TV – hahah Zoro being envious of Luffy having some battle action was hilarious. I wonder if Zoro will really head back to the Thousand Sunny or if he will stay at Flower Fields and help with the rescue attempt.

But if Zoro doesn’t head back to the Thousand Sunny, how will Nami and Co. handle the situation there? Jora doesn’t seem all that tough, it is just her Art Art no Mi which is problematic but I suppose if the an opening can be created, they could handle the situation themselves. Still waiting to see if we are going to get more fleshing out on Momonosuke’s artificial Devil Fruit this arc, would be cool if he is able to develop it in the situation he finds himself in with the other Strawhats.

I had thought that is was Jora who had been transforming the humans within Dressrosa into toys but it turn out she is only able to change things into art, another Devil Fruit user is transforming the people into toys. If the pieces which Doflamingo is using to keep Dressrosa wrapped around his fingers are eliminated it would pretty much screw over his whole plan of what he is currently doing. Or he could just be punched in the face by Luffy, ah if only =).

Looking forward to seeing what will happen to Law and whether Luffy is going to win the Corrida Colosseum. Surely his identity should be blown by now, especially with him narrating his gomu gomu no Hawk Rifle attack O.o.

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