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Fairy Tail Chapter 348 – When Love Embraces You Closely

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Fairy Tail chapter 348 - Kid Gray - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Gray in kid form ready to put all of himself into protecting that which is worth protecting – colour by i-azu

Amazing amazing chapter I LOVE it immensely; the opening up of Flare and the fear she became consumed by as she journeyed into the world alone full of uncertainty and insecurity. The memories of Gray recalling tragic and deeply painful memories; the powerlessness he felt back then and when he couldn’t protect the ones he loved and really wanted to protect, all those emotions drew out the fragile side of himself. And Ultear, her presence within Gray and the way she comforted and calmed Gray down reminding him of what he really needs to do – to protect the ones he loves so that no more end up suffering. My heart and eyes are tearing up so badly, ah it feels good!

I’ve been wanting Gray to become the focus for a while and to use all those pent up emotions and pain he has been bottling inside ever since Ultear ended up sacrificing her ‘time’ to save him and others. All those feelings of guilt and anguish due to his weaknesses and powerlessness to stop the unfortunate events that have happened from happening; not being able to save Ur and her daughter, Ultear, the amount of pain and sorrow he must be feeling should be crushing. I’ve wanted so badly to see Gray take a stand against his powerlessness and push himself through his limitations and really use all the pain and sorrow he has been feeling for not being able to save Ur and Ultear.

If my theory about Ultear is correct then Gray may have a chance to regain the ‘time’ Ultear lost through the Last Ages spell for her and help return the life she has lost (please, please, please, please!!). After the side Ultear revealed of herself during the Grand Magic Tournament arc, I’ve been completely in love with her character and I am desperately wanting her to return back into the story of Fairy Tail. I’m excited, so so excited to see what is going to happen next chapter. The set-up created for Gray to push through his limits has really be taken to the extreme with him being affected by the Succubus Eye mages retrogression magic. Show him Gray what REAL ice magic is!

Surprised to see the connection made between Deliora and this non-human Succubus Eye member, but it really is a similarity that is there! Just what are these non-humans =/. Also the mention of the Underworld and the Sun Village being the location for where [one of] the Gates are located, how interesting. So this arc really is going to lead to the introduction of the dark guild Tartarus. Just what will this Underworld unleash?

Sad that Minerva is taking advantage of Erza’s current form but it seems like the entertainment Minerva is having will end soon as it may be revealed that negating the magic Erza is affected by may be possible through other means besides defeating the caster. If so Minerva really is going to get it and right now even though Minerva is doing really evil things to Erza i.e. kicking Erza, I can’t help but feel sorry and a bit of sympathy for Minerva for the potential situation she may find herself in a short time. Hopefully when Minerva gets beat a second time, she will start to reevaluate the path she is traveling and rethink her whole outlook on life and her interactions with others because I do like her character and can’t help but think she had a difficult and painful childhood with Jiemma as her father.

Yukino huh, so it is confirmed that she went back to Saber Tooth, I suppose that is good, at least Saber Tooth is not as fractured as I thought. Very very much looking forward to the next chapter – DO IT GRAY!!!!!

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