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Naruto Chapter 643 – The Hero Uzumaki Naruto

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Naruto chapter 643 - The Most Powerful Duo - by EspadaZero (http://espadazero.deviantart.com)

The Most Powerful Duo – by EspadaZero

I love it, I love it intensely; the way the scene is set-up for Naruto to epically rebut Obito’s war-ending attacks, ah it sends shivers of excitement and happiness down my spine and across my body =D. It’s obvious I’m biased towards Naruto but I just find his character so incredibly inspirational and once again in this chapter he has affirmed why I admire his character so much. That belief in himself and his ability to stop negativity from growing to a point of inducing hesitation and doubt, it’s incredible how much control over his being he has at such a young age.

The Yin half of Kurama huh, I love how he verbally smacked Minato over the head when Minato was plagued by doubt, regret and hesitation. Seems like even with the Yin half of Kurama sealed within the Minato, it is still connected to the Yang half as he was familiar with Naruto and just how matured Naruto has become. The Yin half even realises just how special Naruto is just like the Yang half.

I love seeing Obito in a panicked and discomforted state, a shame the Jyuubi has given him the ability to heal his wounds but he can’t do anything about that big weakness he currently has against Senjutsu =D.  Lets see you dance now Obito!

Sasuke left in a total state of wonderment is so amusing. Looks like Sasuke has been relying a little bit too much on his Kekkei Genkai and has become quite ignorant on the jutsus out there in the world. I’m surprised Orochimaru didn’t tell Sasuke about the existence of Senjutsu but I suppose in Sasuke’s state of mind at the time, if he was told he would have stormed out straight to the Ryuuichi Cave and tried to form the White Snake Sage to teach him the Senjutsu. Doing that would be probably only get him turned into a statue or whatever happens to the Ryuuichi Cave Sages when they fail to control the Natural chakra properly.

Naruto likened to Hashirama once again and this time by Tobirama, I’m getting more and more curious about why exactly Hashirama is so special. Will we get a Naruto and Hashirama team-up at some point during this battle? That would be quite badass and help to see and compare just how similar those two really are.

Naruto chapter 643 - Bijuu-damas

Oh Obito…

Obito summons some grotesque tree which charges up four Bijuu-dama’s and tops it off with some despairing words about how this world is dead to him, ah poor Obito…Sure Rin died right in front of his eyes but is that really the sole reason behind him wanting to destroy the world? Obito did say he began to hate the shinobi systems of the world when he found out what exactly the circumstances behind Rin’s death, but all that is still attached to Rin and is her death really all that is driving Obito? It seems tremendously stretched for me and at times I really have to drill in my mind that Obito ACTUALLY has a reason for wanting to end the world even if it seems devoid of much substance.

Pretty cool how Obito did manage to create a barrier around the battlefield to prevent Hashirama from redirecting the Bijuu-dama’s with his Juukai Koudan. This forces someone other then the strongest shinobi to take the situation by the horns and find a way to deal with the impossible scenario created before them and who better then the hero of the manga himself! Oh yeah!!

Naruto chapter 643 - Naruto and Minato fist bump

That fist bump goodness, ❤

Kurama’s two halves reuniting with each other and collaborating together with Naruto is insanely awesome. Oh Obito, you’re about to find out just how limited your perception of reality is, all I can say is just take it, take all the beatings you are about to receive because they are going to be sensationally delicious! Looking forward to the next chapter and all the goodness it has been building up to contain =P.

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