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Fairy Tail Chapter 347 – Protectors Of The Sun Village

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Fairy Tail chapter 347 - Flare Corona - colour by Akira-12 (http://akira-12.deviantart.com)

The beginning of a new friendship – colour by Akira-12

Well that was unexpected, to think that Flare’s home is the Sun Village. Her name does link nicely to the Eternal Flame and it probably was what inspired the thoughts behind her name. I’m not entirely sure if she was born within the Sun Village but she was raised by the giants who resided within the Sun Village which is actually quite cool. Flare does mention that her hair ability is something she received from the blessings of the Eternal Flame, which makes me all the more curious about what this Eternal Flame actually is and what it can do. Also I’m so glad Flare has become such an important focus within this arc, I’ve been wanting to learn more about her and her story. Thank you Mashima-sensei!

I have to admit, the battle with the treasure hunters from Sylph Labyrinth was pretty lame, especially with how they were highlighted as having a chance against Lucy, Wendy and Flare for a moment. We all knew those treasure hunters would get creamed especially after seeing them lose to Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Wendy in a previous chapter. Seeing those treasure hunters talk tough and seem like they were taking the flow of the battle only served to annoy and slightly frustrate the reader, well at the very least it was so for me =P.

Thankfully it didn’t really have much effect on the overall purpose of the chapter, the focus was on Flare and her developing relationship with Lucy which at the end of the chapter reached a new level of affection and friendship as well as understanding. I did say in one of my previous post that “Flare needs to be given a situation first to prove herself to the members of Fairy Tail and to the readers before she ends up joining Fairy Tail”. Even if Flare doesn’t end up joining Fairy Tail, I’m glad we are getting coverage on her now and having more of her story and past fleshed out. This chapter helped to illustrate how well Lucy, Wendy and Flare mesh and work together, it also helped to establish a layer of emotional attachment the readers have towards Flare which I believe will only grow stronger as more layers are added throughout this arc.

Fairy Tail chapter 347 - Flare Corona and the Sun Village

Flare Corona and the Sun Village

You can tell Flare has an incredibly vulnerable side to her which she has kept guarded by her cold and crazed personality. The fact that she is alone and now feels isolated and lost without a guild has exposed a portion of that vulnerable side and with her home now being threatened, the true Flare which Lucy has come to understand a bit about has begun to come out of herself. It’s quite exciting to see Fairy Tail extend their reach of family further and help this girl obviously in pain and sadness. Lucy, whom Flare once hurt greatly before, has accepted her and that probably means a lot to Flare, especially when it comes to Flare accepting herself.

Now rather then the Sun Village being a village the guild was requested to save, they have a real reason to want to save it, to protect the home of their new nakama. Looking forward to the next chapter, “Return of the Demon”, I wonder who this “demon” could be…O.o.


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