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Fairy Tail Chapter 347 – Protectors Of The Sun Village

Fairy Tail chapter 347 - Flare Corona - colour by Akira-12 (http://akira-12.deviantart.com)

The beginning of a new friendship – colour by Akira-12

Well that was unexpected, to think that Flare’s home is the Sun Village. Her name does link nicely to the Eternal Flame and it probably was what inspired the thoughts behind her name. I’m not entirely sure if she was born within the Sun Village but she was raised by the giants who resided within the Sun Village which is actually quite cool. Flare does mention that her hair ability is something she received from the blessings of the Eternal Flame, which makes me all the more curious about what this Eternal Flame actually is and what it can do. Also I’m so glad Flare has become such an important focus within this arc, I’ve been wanting to learn more about her and her story. Thank you Mashima-sensei!

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