One Piece Chapter 717 – The Tragedy Of Dressrosa

One Piec chapter 717 - Franky and Toy Solider

The Toy Solider reveals the dark past of Dressrosa to Franky

So it’s been confirmed, the toys in Dressrosa were former humans transformed into toys. Interesting that the people the former humans used to know end up forgetting about them, is this an effect of a Devil Fruit? Chinjao knows Rayleigh, I wonder how those two are connected. The fact that the mention of  Rayleigh’s name made Chinjao trigger a memory which caused him to break down in tears means that there is some serious history between those two or at least associated with Rayleigh’s name =/. And what a shock, but still incredibly ironic, the dark factory which the Strawhats are searching for is under the Corrida Colosseum…I just know Zoro will end up there somehow when he intended to go to the flower gardens…

One Piec chapter 717 - Luffy, I'm going to be the Pirate King

What a satifsying response Luffy =D

Got to love how Luffy unleashed his trademark line of becoming the Pirate King, I found it was such a fitting and badass answer to the question Chinjao posed him. Though it triggered an unexpected response from Chinjao, a response which paints the Haoshoku Haki as something quite common in the New World for pirates seeking the throne of the Pirate King. I had expected the Haoshoku Haki to be an ability only a handful of pirates were able to use but it turns out that a lot more than a handful of pirates within the New World are blessed with the ability of the Haoshoku Haki. That development makes this battle that more relevant, how Luffy fairs in this battle will pretty much dictate how he will fair in the rest of the Haoshoku Haki battles he faces.

Not exactly sure why Chinjao broke down in tears after Rayleigh’s name was mentioned but the memory and story behind it will be interesting to find out. And hahah just as we were about to find about the history Chinjao has with Garp the scene shifts to the rest of the Strawhats. Hahah of course, guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what happened between Garp and Chinjao.

Seems the contestants which lost in the block rounds are exiting the Corrida Colosseum through some underground paths, because they certainly aren’t exiting it from the ground levels as the Marines waiting there have had no bites yet.

Sad to see a society so superficial, anyone deemed unwanted is turned into a toy and forgotten by their loved ones. I’m not exactly sure if the person connected to the toy actually forgets them willing or if they are forced to forget through some external forces, guess we will find out in the future chapters, but given how honestly oblivious the mother and son were about the father it seems they were made to forget. With a Devil Fruit being able to turn people in toys, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Devil Fruit capable of forcing a person to forget certain memories. The Toy Soldier still has more of the story to tell so I am looking forward to the rest of the story about this tragic history and present of Dressrosa.

One Piec chapter 717 - The tragedy in Dressorosa

The tragedy in Dressorosa

So the Tontatta Tribe is waging war against Doflamingo because he has their Princess, Princess Macherie captive within the ‘Dark Factory’. Even though they listed her bad qualities before her title and name, I love how despite that they want to rescue her because she is nakama. The Tontatta Tribe mirror the Strawhats so well, this could be an everlasting friendship Usopp has helped form.

With the Dark Factory underneath the Corrida Colosseum, I wonder how the tournament will end up being affected, will the Mera Mera no Mi actually be given to someone this tournament? Or will Luffy have to steal it like any good pirate would do =D. Would be hilarious and Chinjao head-butting the ground so much causes the stadium to collapse within the basement of the Corrida Colosseum =P. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the Corrida Colosseum tournament will progress as well as the movements of the rest of the Strawhats.

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