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One Piece Chapter 717 – The Tragedy Of Dressrosa

One Piec chapter 717 - Franky and Toy Solider

The Toy Solider reveals the dark past of Dressrosa to Franky

So it’s been confirmed, the toys in Dressrosa were former humans transformed into toys. Interesting that the people the former humans used to know end up forgetting about them, is this an effect of a Devil Fruit? Chinjao knows Rayleigh, I wonder how those two are connected. The fact that the mention of  Rayleigh’s name made Chinjao trigger a memory which caused him to break down in tears means that there is some serious history between those two or at least associated with Rayleigh’s name =/. And what a shock, but still incredibly ironic, the dark factory which the Strawhats are searching for is under the Corrida Colosseum…I just know Zoro will end up there somehow when he intended to go to the flower gardens…

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