Naruto Chapter 642 – The Power Of Senjutsu

Naruto chapter 642 - Naruto's Anger - colour by belucEN (

You just got owned Obito, badly – colour by belucEN

Another great chapter of Naruto, even with Obito negating the attack from the previous chapter and revealing that he is utilising dark and light jutsu to nullify any and all ninjutsu, including the Edo Tensei jutsu, Naruto still managed to knock this poor excuse of an antagonist down a few notches with his perfected Rasengan that he can now perform without the aid of a Kage Bunshin or Bijuu Mode hands. Naruto quite frankly rocked this chapter, he is such a badass. Love it!

Yeah I didn’t expect that attack from the previous chapter to do much to Obito in terms of damage, but I was surprised that his composure wasn’t affected all that much with the combination attack. It turns out that those black chakra orbs are more useful than just attacking, the power they have defensively is also quite insane. On top of that Obito in this current form he is in is able to utilise dark and light jutsu to nullify all other jutsu, so the Edo Tensei jutsu immortal effect may as well be non-existent =/.

Naruto chapter 642 - Amaterasu Nullified - colour by belucEN (

Amaterasu + Rasen Shuriken Nullified – colour by belucEN

Despite all those overpowering abilities Obito currently wields, he was pretty much stripped of his unstoppable status by a frog. Gamakichi basically revealed to everyone that despite Obito being able to nullify ninjutsu, he is unable to nullify Senjutsu. Loved how Gamakichi screwed Obito over before he ran out of summoning time, way to go Gama-kun!! This scene set Naruto up perfectly to shine, and like the badass Naruto is, he went even further then just curb-stomping Obito, he perfected the Rasengan by being able to mold it with only one hand and all this in only Senjutsu Mode, imagine when he combines Senjutsu Mode with Bijuu Mode – OH HELL YEAH!!

Naruto chapter 642 - Naruto's perfect Rasengan

Naruto just mastered the Rasengan, good going Obito, you just opened a can of worms you going to regret =D.

Obito was pissing me off when he was talking down to Minato, one of the legends in Naruto, and it didn’t help that the way he was talking down to Minato was so ignorant and childish. “Despite being my master, you failed to recognise you pupil…you’ve always had that oblivious nature about you, from the moment I met you…” yeah…lets not get started on what’s wrong with Obito because they have been plenty of stupid things he has done…Obito really should take a good long hard look in the mirror sometime. Well regardless, he got stomped epically by Naruto; take it Obito, just take it! That will teach you for talking down to Naruto’s father.

Tobirama was such a badass as well using the Flying Thunder God jutsu on Naruto. I’m glad even with Obito’s overpowering form, the Flying Thunder God jutsu can create significant openings for jutsu to land.

With Senjutsu revealed to be Obito’s current forms weakness, I wonder how it is going to be fleshed out from here now. I’ve always wondered about Hashirama’s Senjutsu mode and what the story behind it is, will we finally get some coverage on it now? And along with Myoubokuzan, there is another place which teaches Senjutsu, Ryuuchi Cave. If we go with the flow then there should also be a third place, Shikkotsu Forest, the home of the slugs.

Naruto chapter 642 - Senjutsu Works - colour by i-azu (

Naruto chapter 642 – Senjutsu Effectiveness – colour by i-azu

Kabuto is out of the picture, so could Orochimaru show up in Sage Mode or will he help Sasuke attain it is he hasn’t already? Personally I would love it if Sasuke instead went down the path of Genjutsu like his older brother, Itachi. He does have Itachi’s eyes now after all so he should have some more attunement to genjutsu then before. While genjutsu may not be incredibly effective against another Sharingan user like Obito, it should be enough to spread Obito’s attention away from the real attacks and create opportunity’s for Naruto and other Senjutsu users to land attacks on Obito.

As for the Senjutsu form from Shikkotsu Forest, will Tsunade be revealed to have it mastered and will Sakura be revealed to have a mastery to an extent with it as well? Sakura does seem unusually interested in the happenings with the battle at the moment, more so then people more fitting to utilise the information like Shikamaru, so does this mean that Sakura is planning to do something? I hope both Tsunade and her are able to enter the Shikkotsu Forest Sage Mode =). Sakura may end up making her move when she finds out from Hinata that Senjutsu is effective against Obito and his current Jyuubi form.

Finally the Yin half of the Kyuubi chakra is coming into play. I had a feeling Minato wasn’t utilising the Kyuubi chakra as effectively as Naruto, who also has Kurama gathering chakra for him. With this half revealed will Minato get some form of power-boost or will he release the seal and allow the Yin half of the chakra to be sealed within Naruto with the rest of Kurama’s chakra, the Yang half.

Really excited about the potential paths the story can take now, hopefully Senjutsu gets the highlighting it deserves. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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