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Guild Wars 2 – Southsun Survival

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One my of favourite mini-games in Guild Wars 2 at the moment. It’s based on the novels The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. It’s amazingly fun that adds a refreshing experience to the usual RPG feel of the game.

I feel that Guild Wars 2 has become so much more then a normal MMORPG, if I were to compare it to another game, I would compare it to Starcraft I, that game went beyond a normal Real-Time Strategy game in so many ways and in such a fun way with User Map Setting games on Battlenet, Arenanet are doing the same for Guild Wars 2 with activities. Each patch brings with it a potential fun activity and now with the Mini-game Rotation Sytem in place there is a place for that content to become a permanent addition to the game unlike before. There is just something so unbelievable fun about being transported away from the MMORPG shackles and to a place utilising a whole new mechanics but still within the MMO setting.

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