Fairy Tail Chapter 346 – Succubus Eye

Fairy Tail chapter 346 - Minerva appears

I’m very very curious to see what Minerva’s role is going to be this arc

Hmmm, so it has turned that Erza’s regressed state had nothing to do with Ultear’s magic and was actually the magic of that guy from Succubus Eye. I had expected him to have a magic like this based the preview of this chapters title last chapter but still, I was hoping quite intensely that something within the recent developments had something to do with Ultear. Oh well regardless of my apparent sadness, I love the developments that did occur this chapter, HELL THE FLAMING HOT YEAH, Flare you beauty!

I see, so retrogression magic main function is not reducing the age of the target but in fact reducing the abilities of the target, the physical form as that guy said is a supplementary effect. As I thought from the previous chapter, that magic is quite overpowering, to be able to reduce the abilities of your target to such an extent, I do wonder if there is some side-effect the user has to suffer or some form of payment or negative effect they have to endure to balance out the benefit gained from the magic O.o.

Sad that Erza can barely utilise her ex-quipping magic and now with Minerva in the mix of things, Erza sure is in one bad situation. From the standpoint at which Minerva is perceiving things from she seems quite naive about the way dark guilds work. Sure she left Sabertooth, the former strongest guild in Fiore, when it started to crumble and joined the dark guild Succubus Eye which seems to be equally if not more powerful and deadly, but she seem to have overlooked the extent at which a dark guild will abuse her abilities and her. I just hope her decision to step into the shadowy side of magic known as the underworld doesn’t come back to haunt her because despite the evil and dark personality she has portrayed, I do believe she has a compassionate and embracing heart. Although if she does get burned by the underworld, she may have a realisation about what she really wants in her life. Minerva did mention that her ‘aims lie much higher’ then merely being at the top and that Succubus Eye serves as just a ‘stepping stone’ for her to reach her goals, but I do wonder about who will be using who in the end =/.

Fairy Tail chapter 346 - Natsu's escape trick

That was brilliant Natsu, brilliantly hilarious =D

Natsu, hahah, he sure played that Succubus Eye guy, can’t believe that old tactic worked, but it was dam amusing that even had me going for a second =P. That Succubus Eye guy ain’t human huh, how interesting, I wonder what exactly he is and how this will affect the story of Fairy Tail in the future. Just how many non-humans are there in the world capable of using powerful magic like him? Well I suppose since there are Giants, the possibility that other species exist shoots right up into the likely nature now. The dark area of Fairy Tail hasn’t been explored much so getting some more coverage and details about it will be incredibly fascinating.

Fairy Tail chapter 346 - Succubus Eye member

A non-human from Succubus Eye, what exactly is he?

Those treasure hunter guys…they just had to attack that frozen Giant. They were fine up until that point, they served the amusing character role, but when they started to take their lack of value out on the frozen giant it just painted them as scum and any amusement or positive feelings attached to them pretty much sank with their chances in that battle when the gorgeous Flare Corona showed up.

Fairy Tail chapter 346 - Flare Corona - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Flare, ❤ – colour by i-azu

Was excited when she appeared in the Fairy Tail guild bath at the start of this arc, I’m even more excited now that she is actually a character to be focused on this arc. Had a feeling Flare was stalking Lucy on this mission and I was hoping that such a development would come about and hell -I love her crazy look so much – yeah, it did. Those twistedly embracing eyes which she stares at you with, how insanely hot. Anyway I wonder what guild she is in now, it does seem to be a guild we have never seen the mark for before =/.  I hope it’s a great and badass guild as I would hate to see her in another guild which pretty much abuses her, she is a too good character for such treatment.

If Flare has shown up to help Lucy and Wendy, I doubt she is alone, she most likely brought with her other members from the guild she is in, especially with the guild symbol being the actual cliff hanger of the chapter. I wonder if the guild she is in is there to help Fairy Tail or if they are there for the mysterious Eternal Flame located in Taiyou village. With both Erza and Natsu in a pinch it does seem likely that members from the guild Flare belongs to now will show up and help them in their respective battles. I am ecstatically excited to learn about this guild Flare is in and who the other members representing the guild are =D. Could it be an independent guild like Crime Sorcière? Anyway, that symbol looks like a G to me and the pattern reminds me of the sun =/. Looking forward to the next chapter! Red, Blue and Blond hair fight – yay!


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