One Piece Chapter 716 – Luffy vs Chinjao

One Piece chapter 716 - Don Chinjao - colour by Hitotsumami (

The clash of Haoshoku Haki; Luffy vs Chinjao – colour by Hitotsumami

It was obvious from the moment these two entered the ring that everyone else would be background material and necessary pieces needed to hype up the battle between Luffy and Chinjao. A one-sided seething hatred paving the way to the very first Haoshoku Haki battle in One Piece. Regardless of how irrelevant Chinjao’s character seems to the story of One Piece at the moment, the battle they are engaging in is one of extreme relevance. Luffy has never been shown in a serious fight against another Haoshoku Haki user, so seeing how Luffy handles himself when up against another Haoshoku Haki user will be incredibly interesting, especially when you consider that this arcs main antagonist is another Haoshoku Haki user in the form of Doflamingo.

One Piece chapter 716 - The Jacket Man Kerry Funk

The Jacket Man Kerry Funk, interesting fashion taste…

So Kerry Funk had a devil fruit ability, a jacket man huh, what an odd ability that seems like it could be borderline useless in most circumstances…”hey guys, I’m a jacket man and I’m the latest fad, so come on, put me on! You know you want to!” So if Kerry doesn’t have Bobby or someone willing to put him on, his devil fruit is for the most part, useless? It makes you pity some of those devil fruit users who didn’t get the Gura Gura no Mi or something along those lines and instead got dealt something a lot more underwhelming =/. Well it was interesting seeing how Kerry and Bobby fight, but Sai pretty much carved them a new one, straight into the back of their head with his Hasshoken – how cool it was seeing Sai stand on Kerry/Bobby’s punches.

Jean the Bandit, hahah, what a sneaky guy, but his dreams do seem out of reach for his current self. Wanting to take down Jinbe, Crocodile, Ivankov, Shiryuu and even the great and powerful Buggy? We may not have seen what he is fully capable of after unfortunately drawing the wrath of Chinjao, but I doubt he would be up to the level to take on those beast (yes I’m even including Buggy who has the mouth which just oozes golden charm =P). Curious to see who the level 6 prisoners Jean tracked down, if he hadn’t tracked down all of them. It’s possible that Luffy could get some information from him =D.

One Piece chapter 716 - Ideo and Sai defeated

Ideo and Sai, no chance whatsoever…poor guys…

Poor Sai and Ideo, they became so irrelevant this battle and only served to highlight the monster strengths of Luffy and Chinjao. Seriously what is up with these one hit KO’s this block, the gap between fighters as they become knocked out grows exponentially, I suppose Luffy relative to the New World pirate strength is above average. Anyway really cool to see Luffy and Chinjao clash with their Haoshoku Haki, especially in how they are directing it completely at their opponents which causes such insane after shocks. Sad that Luffy is conscious of using his devil fruit ability as it would give his identity away so he is using his ability to stretch minimally and as such the power behind his haki imbued punches have become that much less powerful.

One Piece chapter 716 - The final two in Block C

I wonder if there is some connection to these two characters having marks on the left side of their faces

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how this battle ends. And will Luffy’s identity be found out by the audience and the general public of Dressrosa? Also very interested to see how Block D progresses and what Bartolomeo is up to exactly.

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