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One Piece Chapter 716 – Luffy vs Chinjao

One Piece chapter 716 - Don Chinjao - colour by Hitotsumami (http://hitotsumami.deviantart.com)

The clash of Haoshoku Haki; Luffy vs Chinjao – colour by Hitotsumami

It was obvious from the moment these two entered the ring that everyone else would be background material and necessary pieces needed to hype up the battle between Luffy and Chinjao. A one-sided seething hatred paving the way to the very first Haoshoku Haki battle in One Piece. Regardless of how irrelevant Chinjao’s character seems to the story of One Piece at the moment, the battle they are engaging in is one of extreme relevance. Luffy has never been shown in a serious fight against another Haoshoku Haki user, so seeing how Luffy handles himself when up against another Haoshoku Haki user will be incredibly interesting, especially when you consider that this arcs main antagonist is another Haoshoku Haki user in the form of Doflamingo.

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