Naruto Chapter 641 – Wind, Fire And A Whole Lot Of Badass

Naruto chapter 641 - Amaterasu - colour by beluEn (

Sasuke’s Amaterasu – colour by beluEn

Ah how satisfyingly delicious, Tobirama sending Obito’s chakra bomb back to him was epic enough, but seeing Naruto and Sasuke combine the elemental jutsu of wind and fire to create an even more devastating storm within their hands, that went beyond fan service, it was down right moving. THEY CAN WORK TOGETHER! Must be great for Naruto who practiced his Wind element chakra control until he wore himself out just so he could have an element that compliments Sasuke’s Uchiha fire-style. The chapter even went further by highlighting the real badasses Minato and Tobirama are by having them pretty much out jutsu Obito – take that Obito! The Thunder God has one tasty present for you, courtesy of Naruto and Sasuke.

Great start to the chapter having Tobirama become the focus of the action once more and carry out a role that saved Minato from having to sacrifice himself. I’ve been wanting to see more of Tobirama and why he was such a legendary shinobi. I’ve also been curious to see how his speed matched up to Minato’s and how he would utilise the jutsu he has in his arsenal. I am not disappointed, he is one real badass and I do believe he still has more to show us =D.

Hashirama, what a beast, to think there was a shinobi who wasn’t an Uchiha or a Jinchuuriki who could overpower one of the strongest Sharingan users to exist in the history of the Uchiha. I still don’t get why Hashirama was the only Senju able to use the Mokuton style, why exactly was he born with such an amazing kekkei genkai? And why has no other shinobi been blessed with the same kekkei genkai again? There are those who try to incorporate the style within themselves, but at the end of their lives, the Mokuton style never came to them naturally like it did for Hashirama. The very fact that one man, that Hashirama existed meant that the Uchiha clan couldn’t gain any dominance over the shinobi world during the previous wars. If Hashirama hadn’t existed, the history of shinobi could have been so much different. I’m real curious to learn where the Mokuton style really originated from (before Hashirama) and why it came into existence when it did.

Naruto chapter 641 - Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara, your father would so proud

Shikamaru, geez, even with these beast of shinobi battling each other, he still manages to steal some spotlight and make us all remember what a badass he is as well. Way to go Shikamaru making both the shinobi and readers realise that even though the power of the shinobi army are insignificant to the monsters battling in front of their eyes, they can still wait for a moment to arise when their insignificant strengths can amount to something substantial. Temari responding to Shikamaru’s speech by thinking what a great Hokage he would have been was a great addition to the chapter, it further deepens the relationship the two have and the complimentary nature those two possess. I would also like that Ino being able to convey messages throughout the army via the jutsu her father taught her is impressively cool.

Naruto and Sasuke going off on their own without waiting for Minato or Tobirama was great; while it may be slightly disrespectful, it shows they have initiative and the drive to take on Obito and create an opening despite the overwhelming power he now wields. The Instantaneous Swapping Flying Thunder God technique sounded badass and it lived up to its name and beyond when they caught Obito completely off guard. Amusing how Minato also caught Naruto and Sasuke off guard but their shock and surprise further heightened the epic nature of the jutsu Tobirama and Minato pulled off, especially when Obito got so thoroughly owned.

Naruto chapter 641 - Swirling Fire Storm Naruto chapter 641 - Obito damaged?

Naruto and Sasuke’s smile represented what the readers were feeling, sheer satisfaction at Obito getting creamed. Even when up against such an omnipotent power, seeing these jutsu used in creative ways to force open gaps within Obito’s defense makes for some enjoyable reading. I do wonder what Minato, Tobirama, Naruto and Sasuke are going to do now after Obito has become aware of what Tobirama and Obito can do. Will Obito try some genjutsu or will he resort to his Mangekyo Sharingan and portal out to the Kamui Dimension when things get too rough. This could very well create a moment for Kakashi to get out of the Kamui dimension if Obito does travel back there.

Sakura seems incredibly interested in what’s going on, more than just simple curiosity. I can understand if Sakura is just interested in wanting to know how the war has progressed, but couldn’t they just have shown Shikamaru asking Hinata what is going in the battle? The fact that Sakura is the one asking Hinata indicates that she is planning something or that there is something she wants to do, I really do wonder what Sakura is planning =/. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing whether Obito is going to rage evolve or not.

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