Fairy Tail Special – The Fairy’s Punishment Game

Fairy Tail Special - The Fairy's Punishment Game

Mashima-sensei has become so dangerously good at illustrating female characters…what dangerous magic…

Hahah, Fairy Tail sure is filled with a bunch of sadist =P. Guess we find out in an incredibly amusing manner which of the Fairy Tail A or B team is the true winner of the Grand Magic Games, a showdown between two monsters that went beyond epic and straight into hilarious – bad luck Erza, I know you going to be having nightmares about that =P.

Laxus awakening his sadist side and bossing around Natsu and Elfman was gold, the way he ingrained the suffering they had to endure straight to their ego’s was brutally amusing to watch.

Juvia’s plan to make Gray fall for her looked like in went in the opposite direction, her unique and almost clumsy way of expressing her love for Gray comes off more as cruel and grating, but that is exactly what makes her character so charming. Those two do mesh well when the situation calls for it, but at other times they seem to be on two totally different planets =P.

Erza, noooooooooo, Mirajane, you sadistic super hot monster! It’s cute how eager Erza was to wear the maid outfit, but hahah the requirement for her show a side of shame is truly something beyond Erza, but not beyond Mirajane from teaching her =O. What an amusingly unnerving educational lesson she gave Erza =P.

Gajeel, the man, he got himself two back-up dancers and one wasn’t even in the bet, looks like Levy is more into Gajeel then she would want to admit =P. A shame her insecurity about her image when comparing herself to Lucy caused her to run away from the stage crying, even more shameful for Lucy who ended up getting stuck with Mirajane during her lessons of teaching true shame. Poor Lucy, and this was the guild of her dreams not so long ago =P.

Pantherlily gave me a good laugh, hahah how cruel of him to unnecessarily aggravate Happy and Carla’s punishment but reverting to his big humanoid form =P. Still awesome how he carried the two back to Fairy Tail after they exhausted themselves and fell asleep.

Cana’s form of punishment for Wendy was uplifting moving and served to convey in the chapter that despite the excessive playful personalities existing in Fairy Tail, each member still thinks of the other as family and more than their own entertainment they are always concerned about the well-being of their family. Hopefully we get to see more of Cana in the future of Fairy Tail, she may be crude but she is a great character with a lot of heart and emotion.

Great special chapter which oozed a ton of Fairy Tail goodness and amusement =).

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