Fairy Tail Chapter 345 – A Familiar Voice

Fairy Tail Chapter 345 - Succubus Eye

What exactly is going on around here? And what exactly is Succubus after in Taiyou Village?

Well this chapter sure added a lot more mystery into this arc which has me asking more questions and being a ton more anxious towards the answers to them. Was it that Succubus Eye guy (I’m calling him “Smiley” for now) who turned back Erza’s time? He does seem to be responsible for Natsu having his ‘time’ turned back but I wonder if the state of the village is also having an effect on the developments surrounding Erza and Natsu.

The next chapter is titled “retrogression magic” which does imply that what happened to Erza and Natsu is the work of some magic, but the question as to whether that magic belongs to Smiley or whether he is able to utilise it from another source – the ice, is still up in the air. It would be an incredibly overpowered magic to have, being able to degenerate another mages magic power and return them to a time/state their magic power hadn’t bloomed/awakened in yet. Would be interesting to see the weaknesses of this retrogression magic and if it could be used to help Ultear if it is revealed that the ice freezing the village has nothing to do with her.

If Smiley did rewind Erza’s time to when she was a child, why did he not attack her after? Was it because Minerva vocalised her disagreement with him being involved in Erza’s defeat that she ended chasing him away? Did Minerva want to take on Erza all by herself? It would explain why Smiley is all alone now, unless Minerva is stationed somewhere in the shadows.

The extent of the effects of the Moon Drip liquid was amusing, especially the battle that led up to the contents of the Moon Drip liquid being spilled – oh Happy, everyone was doing so well and you were the unfortunate one to miss their catch =P. Well, there’s no point crying over spilled milk now, that liquid was less effective than I expected, but it still managed to allow Natsu to hear a voice from underneath the ice, a voice he has heard before.

Fairy Tail chapter 345 - A voice from under the ice

A voice from under the ice, who could it be?

If the ice is Ultear’s ‘time’ then did some of the ice dissolving from the spilled Moon Drip actually jar the consciousness within that ‘time’ to react? The voice could be Ultear’s, the part of her ‘time’ stolen from the Last Ages spell, since Natsu has heard her voice before, it would sound familiar. And unlike last time where he found Ultear via smell, he could be Locating her conscious within the ice through hearing. Though it is strange that no one else can hear the voice, could the voice be in fact a dragon? A Water-type Dragon perhaps =D?

Fairy Tail chapter 345 - A familiar voice

Who could this familiar voice belong to? …

This chapter has added a hint apprehension to my hopes of Ultear being directly connected to this arc, but since I’ve formed such a strong emotional connection to her character after her sacrifice during the Grand Magic Games arc, I want her so badly to return into the story of Fairy Tail, so even with some doubt finding its way within the gaps of my theories, I’ll still believe in them and intensely hope that Ultear in some way returns to the story of Fairy Tail.  Though with this “retrogression magic”, I wonder if it is at all possible to regress the age of someone who has had their ‘time’ stolen by a forbidden magic?

And with the “treasures” these Treasure Hunting guild hunt for, can they used to bend the laws of magic and undo certain side-effects of forbidden magic? The treasure hunters may be people with no magic, but the existence of these “treasures” does add another dimension to the world that can expand the potential of magic and mages even further then what is currently deemed possible, just like what Dragon Slayer Magic did for humans.

The next chapter could very well make or break my hopes of Ultear being connected to this arc, depending on how the ice freezing the village is worked into the story of this arc. Also will be interesting to find out just what Succubus Eye is in Taiyou Village for, what exactly do they intend to do there?

Fairy Tail chapter 345 - Erza's potential future

Erza’s potential future =P, poor Doranbolt

Loved how Erza contemplated how her life would be if she were to remain in child form, I lost so badly when the panel of Jellal saying “I’m not really into that kind of thing…” came up, wow, Erza really did lose it when she came across that scenario =P. Looks like for Jellal at least she wants to return to her original form, lucky you Jellal =D. Curious to see if Minerva will show up in front of Erza now that she has regressed in age and power, will Minerva really feel satisfied defeating a weakened Erza? I have a lot of interest in Minerva’s character as well so I’ll be looking closely at how her role this arc changes and develops.

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