Naruto Chapter 640 – Within The Darkness

Naruto chapter 640 - Obito's new form - colour by i-azu (

Obito’s new form – colour by i-azu

Wow, this was a great chapter. While it was the same as the last few chapters dealing with Obito conveying just how overwhelming the Juubi’s power is, I found this chapter incredibly more interesting with Obito’s struggle of individuality against the Juubi. Obito’s existence and warm memories from before his spiraling fall into darkness represented by the photo of his team with Kakashi, Rin and Minato, as that photo was brutally being torn apart by the Juubi’s influence, you could feel that with each torn piece, Obito was losing himself. Yet within that internal struggle of dominance, that one last piece embodying the majority of love Obito refused to forsake along with the realisation that he was losing himself, that became the spark needed to rest control away from Juubi in that moment and force some control over his body back to himself. It was an intense battle of wills that actually felt really good when Obito won over the overpowering Juubi.

The fact that Obito in his second Jinchuuriki form is still a humanoid shape as opposed to the bulging expanding body of meat he was seconds before that transformation does illustrate in that moment Obito’s will had overpowered the Juubi’s influence. Also the fact that Obito replies to Minato “at long last…sensei…” illustrates that Obito is in control over his body now as to opposed to a few seconds before where he ask Minato “who are you”.

Naruto chapter 640 - Obito overpowers the Juubi

Obito back in control over his body, he overpowered the Juubi’s influence!

This does raise some interesting wonders, especially with Obito resembling the Rikudou Sennin more now – will Obito really be the destroyer of the world? Can Obito overcome the insane power of the Juubi (minus all of the Hachibi and Kyuubi chakra) and actually keep it under control within himself? With Obito’s heavy reliance of the positive and loving feelings he hold towards Rin and his memories of her, does this mean that Obito isn’t completely lost yet?

As for how the Juubi is going to be defeated, I’m still wondering what Minato meant exactly when he made the comment before sealing half the Kyuubi chakra inside himself with the Dead Demon Seal about how that was the only sealing jutsu he could use being a non-Jinchuuriki (chapter 503). Does this mean being a Jinchuuriki opens up the possibility of using even more powerful and extreme sealing jutsu? If so then this fight is far from over, Naruto has the Yang half of the Kyuubi chakra sealed within him and Minato has the Yin half sealed within him. And since Minato is aware of fuuinjutsu he can’t use being a non-Jinchuuriki, it indicates he does know of jutsu that can be performed by a Jinchuuriki, with him a Jinchuuriki now and with Naruto there as well, they could be some fuuinjutsu they could perform – maybe one developed by Kushina which she showed Minato?

There is also the issue of saving Samui and Atsui, who I presume were devoured by the Gendou Mazou when it devoured Ginkaku’s Kyuubi chakra. Using fuuinjutsu to seal the Juubi chakra could end up saving Samui and Atsui =/.

This battle is becoming incredibly exciting now, what will Minato, Naruto and Sasuke do! There is also the Hashirama vs Madara battle going on as well =D. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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